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Sabah Homasi on Brennan Ward “Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Matchup”

Sabah Homasi tests skills with Brennan Ward at Bellator 290 on February 4th.

Homasi appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss this clash between Bellator’s most action-intensive welterweights, the timeline leading into this high-octane affair, and more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Sabah Homasi

This being regarded as a showdown between two of Bellator’s more proven action fighters

“Couldn’t have asked for a better matchup. Two guys who live by the sword, die by the sword, you know. We’re going to come in and put on a performance. It’s going to be a great fight, you know, for people to watch. Fans, even the promotion, the staff of the promotion, they’re going to enjoy it. You know, everyone’s going to enjoy it. What’s not to love about a matchup like that?”

Thoughts on when the bout offer for this opponent initially came Homasi’s way and why he was not surprised considering the timeline leading into things

“Well honestly, I knew the fight was going to happen. I kind of lost hope because (Mike) Kogan told me that it wasn’t going to happen. I was like what the fuck, you know. A couple of his fans who are his dickriders were coming onto my page tagging Brennan Ward, saying fight Brennan Ward. You’re ducking Brennan, all of this fuckin’ bull. It’s like look, I don’t fuckin’ duck nobody. You know what I’m saying? We’ll get into a fistfight, we can do it outside. Doesn’t fucking matter to me. So I’m like man, what the fuck is going on here?”

Bellator 290

Homasi continued, “Next thing you know, people were tagging me on his shit on his page. Then after the fight in Connecticut in June, I’m sitting in the stands, which I shouldn’t have been because I got kicked out of the arena. Fucking, I see Brennan Ward walk by. He looked at me, gives me a nod. I look back, I gave him a nod back, and I fucking went up to him. I was like yo, are we going to make this fight happen or what? He was like yeah absolutely. He was super cool about it and I was like alright, let’s fuckin do the damn thing.”

“We were actually both planning to fight each other in fuckin’ December. December 9th in Connecticut and that didn’t happen. So I made a video because he’s been online fucking making videos; talking whatever he’s saying. So I made a video and I sent it to my manager. I was like can I post this and he was like hold on let me ask for permission. He got the green light, I went ahead and posted it. Pretty much just saying Brennan and I agreed to fight each other a while ago. Hopefully, Bellator makes the fight happen. Then shortly after that, they made the fight happen.”

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