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Stipe Miocic Says He Will Fight Cormier When He Can Train Properly

Stipe Miocic has been out of action since he won the rematch between him and Daniel Cormier. The last time they met had Miocic win the heavyweight title back after having to wait a long time for the rematch. When he lost the title, he had to wait for Cormier to take the rematch, and now that the roles are reversed, it seems Cormier has to wait and he does not like it.

Cormier addressed the delay earlier this week and Miocic responded in an interview with ESPN after Cormier’s message was relayed to Miocic. “I can’t really do anything,” Miocic said, “My state is shut down for another month, and who knows how long after that?” Miocic said he is not refusing the fight, but it makes no sense to agree to something during a pandemic that has affected the way fighters train with gyms being shut down. Especially when the heavyweight title is on the line.

“I literally can’t train. How am I going to take a fight?” – Stipe Miocic

“Every gym is shut down,” Miocic clarified saying, “I literally can’t train. How am I going to take a fight?” Miocic also said that he gave no indication that he would not fight him, “I’ll fight him. I never said I’m ducking, leaving, or trying to fight someone else, like he did.” Miocic is referring to when he was in Cormier’s shoes after their first fight when he lost he wanted a rematch but Cormier took a fight against Derrick Lewis at UFC 230.

The fights fans thought were coming at the beginning of the year obviously all took a hit, along with the rest of the world when the pandemic started. With the UFC adjusting for their return, Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson are fighting for an interim title, Henry Cejudo and Dominick Cruz are fighting for the bantamweight title, and if there is a way to make these two heavyweights fight as restrictions are lifted, this fight could happen sooner, later, or not at all.

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