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Tom Aspinall has the tools to make a comeback from devastating injury

For fans of MMA, seeing two heavyweights do battle inside the Octagon is a mouthwatering prospect. While things didn’t exactly go to plan for Tom Aspinall at UFC London, Curtis Blaydes will have known that he was coming up against a formidable opponent. Aspinall possesses the talent to make a devastating comeback from his meniscus and torn MCL injury, too.

The Salford-born Englishman doesn’t necessarily come across as your typical UFC fighter either. A quieter professional compared to most, Aspinall prefers to do his talking in the ring. While his preferred method of damage wasn’t possible on the night in London, Aspinall’s stock is still surely high. Not only is he a likable character, but Aspinall’s talent is obvious. A man who is just as comfortable sitting in a pub with friends or enjoying gaming at the best paying online casino as he is going up against a fearsome opponent in the cage, Aspinall’s personality is another obvious selling point for Dana White. He’ll never be a trash talker, but his calmness and charm make him even more endearing to his adoring fans. Paddy Pimblett, he is not, but Aspinall certainly possesses the tools needed to reign supreme once he has recovered from his injury scare. In fact, he is more than capable of not just getting a title shot, but winning it.

Aspinall has a well-rounded game

While some fans might want Aspinall to start elevating his insults and flipping tables at press conferences, the Englishman will almost certainly never do that. Instead, Aspinall aims to inflict his all-round solid game onto an opponent and do his talking inside of the Octagon. Sometimes, in a sport where trash talking can become tiresome, it’s refreshing to see a shy character who comes alive in the cage. Aspinall is exactly that, with his well-rounded package making him a tricky customer for anyone. Some UFC fans will argue that Curtis Blaydes was on course for ruining Aspinall’s party at the O2 in London but the fight offered very little insight into what could happen should the pair meet again in the future. What is evident, though, is that the respect between the two is high, even after such a disappointing main event. Aspinall’s reputation certainly hasn’t taken a hit despite his shocking injury at UFC London, instead potentially leaving fans wanting to see even more of him after such a horrific outcome. Make no mistake about it either, Aspinall’s next opponent will have to deal with a range of deadly weapons.

His striking and wrestling is strong

Tom Aspinall
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When assessing the heavyweights in the division, Aspinall’s speed really separates him from the pack. A former boxer with one professional win to his name, he is comfortable in a stand-up striking battle and possesses the speed and power to harm anyone. Additionally, due to having a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a strong wrestling game, he is also more than capable of coming out on top in a battle on the ground. While there is still a lot we don’t know about Tom Aspinall, it’s abundantly clear that he has the tools needed to go a long way in the heavyweight division.


The right mentality

The mental aspect of the UFC is just as important as the MMA skills a fighter can bring to the table. Conducting himself incredibly well outside of the Octagon and a professional who clearly immerses himself in the sport, Aspinall has the mentality to make a successful comeback from this latest setback, especially with his supportive father – who is also an MMA coach – in his corner.

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