Ricky Simón, UFC 227

UFC 227’s Ricky Simón talks not getting the respect he deserved in his last fight, Benito Lopez, more

Ricky Simón, UFC 227

Ricky Simón’s UFC debut may not have been gone exactly like he had hoped, marred in controversy and overshadowed in victory. None the less this Washington state native is ready to make his run at bantamweight gold.

I can only imagine what must go through ones’ mind as they finally receive that life changing call from the UFC. That call that all but ensures financial stability and freedom for the rest of your adult life (performance permitting). The roller-coaster of emotion, the extreme high of reaching your potential followed by the sudden realization that you still have to make the walk to the octagon for the first time.

Such was the case for Vancouver, Washington’s Ricky Simón.

Simón would make his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 128 against Merab Dvalishvili, a fight that would earn both men Fight of The Night honors. “Its been a long journey,” the Pacific Northwest native told MyMMANews.com.

“I’m just so happy to finally be here [UFC] and prove that I belong with the best in the world.”

Despite getting his hand raised in victory at FN 128, it was an inauspicious debut for Simón who would meet much criticism through no fault of his own. “I don’t think I did get the credit I deserved for that fight,” said Simón.

“The fight was talked about a lot, we got a lot of attention, and that Fight of the Night bonus was nice. So, I’m not complaining.”

Not one to complain, Simón rolls with the punches. (No pun intended) “At the end of the day, I won the fight and I’m looking on to the next one.”

For Simón, the next one will be at UFC 227, when he faces off against the unbeaten Benito Lopez. “I’m looking forward to beating up little B at the Staples Center,” Simón said emphatically.

“We were supposed to fight several times before, for one reason or another it just didn’t happen,” Simon continued. “I thought it would be a great fight then, but now we aren’t on the regional circuit, were on the big show. I know he is going to bring it that’s why I called him out.”

For Simón, UFC 227 will mark his sophomore trip inside the Octagon and this Pacific Northwesterner plans on leaving little doubt about the outcome this time around.

“I don’t want there to be any doubt about this fight. I plan on doing my part. Ill get my hand raised and the win at the Staples Center.”

UFC 227 goes down Saturday, August 4th live on PPV.