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UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3 Live Results – Gordon vs. Rodriguez

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3

When: Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 9pm EST.

Where: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada.

How To Watch:

UFC Fights Pass will end 2022 off a BANG! The companies third invitational will see a headlined rematch between former teammates Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rodriguez. The two met this past December in the +99KG ADCC finals in Vegas. It was Gordon who came out onto with a very quick heel hook to claim the title.

Also on the card is a grappling match between former UFC champ Miesha Tate and the “Lady Goat” Bia Mesquita.

The $25,000 8-man Absolute Tournament will be sure to bring the fireworks! The tournament includes BIG names like Oliver Taza, Mason Fowler, Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez.

Tune in at 9pm EST to to catch all the action!

UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3 Results below:

Gordon Ryan vs. Nicky Rodriguez: Gordon Ryan winner by Fastest Escape/ Ride Time in EBI OT. 

Miesha Tate vs. Bia Mesquita: Bia Mesquita winner by Armbar in EBI OT. 

Dan Manasoiu vs. Richardo Evangelista: Dan Manasoiu winner by Smother.


$25,000 Absolute Tournament 


Mason Fowler vs. Luke Griffith: Mason Fowler winner by EBI Ride Time/ Fastest Escape Time. 

Round 2:

Patrick Gaudio vs. Mason Fowler: Mason Fowler winner by Triangle. 

Luke Griffith vs. Oliver Taza: Luke Griffith winner by Rear Naked Choke. 

Round 1:

Patrick Gaudio vs. Hasim Rida: Patrick Gaudio winner by Triangle Choke .

Mason Fowler vs. Pat Shahgholi: Mason Fowler winner by Armbar. 

Luke Griffith vs. Andy Varela: Luke Griffith winner by Rear Naked Choke in EBI OT. 

Richie Martinez vs. Oliver Taza: Oliver Taza winner by Heel Hook. 


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