#WCW #WomanCrushWednesday - Rachel Wray

#WCW #WomanCrushWednesday – Rachel Wray

#WCW #WomanCrushWednesday – Rachel Wray

Photo by Paul Thatcher

Well here is an oddity.  Not that I mind…. but my wife asked “Why don’t you put up Rachel Wray as the Woman Crush Wednesday on your site?”

At first…. I gave her the 1,000 yard blank stare like “why would I put the cooking lady up?”

Then it hit me….. “Rachel Wray.”

As in the former cheerleader turned mixed martial artist Rachel Wray.

The cheerleader who holds a 2-w record with both wins by way of TKO.

The former Chiefs cheer squad member, is still as an amateur and hasn’t fought since July 12, 2014, when she fell by submission to Jamie “The Pretty Assassin” Clinton after 44 seconds at Attitude MMA Fights II in Lakeland, Tennessee, however, she is still turning heads.

How so?

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