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Why Sport Schools with MMA Programs Demand Personal Statements

When you choose what you want to study, you are choosing where you want your future to take you. This is an important decision to make in life. Many students these days view applying college as a challenge. You need to consider many options and find the most suitable one first. Next, you need to find a way to get into your chosen program.

Mixed martial arts require a strong will and fierce physical endurance. But before you are able to practice this, you need to get into the school you chose. If you are an athlete looking to play sports in college or enroll in an academic institution that has an MMA program, there are a couple of things you should know first.

About MMA

MMA is a full-contact sport that is very popular these days. This is partly because of the violence it includes and partly because of the high levels of discipline it requires. This is sport for those who want to test both their discipline and mental prowess, as well as develop amazing physical skills and strengths.

mma programs

Colleges and other schools that include such programs are still rare, but not all that hard to find. Up until now, the idea behind wrestling and martial arts was not much explored in sports schools. Today, you can find a place where you’ll practice this with professionals and become a better athlete.

Admission Tips for Athletes

For athletes and other students, the process of applying to college comprises of many steps. There’s the part where you have to choose the school and program. There are the preparations that lead to your admission. And of course, there’s the application.

Before we get into details about your personal statement, here are some admission tips you should know:

· Know what sport you want to play. Many academic institutions will combine different activities, but you need to know your focus. Is it a Division I sport? Do you want to wrestle or something more specific in martial arts?

· Consider registering with NCAA. If you aspire to NCAA Divisions, you need to register to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

· Attend summer sports camps. Many colleges these days allow their students to get a feel of the campus by attending summer sports camps before they enroll.

· Focus on your admission papers. Most colleges these days require several admission papers such as essays, a personal statement a resume, and even a video that showcases your skills. Don’t take this lightly – it can greatly influence your chances at getting enrolled in the program!

Why are You Asked to Write a Personal Statement?

Even if you are applying to a college with a very strong athletic program, you should consider many other things when making your choice. Your athletic eligibility won’t always guarantee admission. The admission committee is not the same as a college coach. Eventually, this is who decides if you are eligible.

Yes, your video, impressive resume and recommendations can help, but there are plenty of other things that can make or break your chance. One of those things is your personal statement. This short statement can impress the board or be the same as many, many others. Naturally, the first boosts your admission chances. The latter reduces them significantly.

What to Do If You Don’t Know How to Write It

Studying is one big part of college, which can be tough when you also have to practice long hours to develop your athletic skills. If you are struggling with the writing part, you can always ask for some assistance, privately and from a professional. Nowadays, students who want to enroll in college get to buy from a personal statement service with writers. This means that, in addition to getting assistance with regular school papers, you can get assistance with the enrollment process, too.

The goal of every applicant is to impress the board. Chances are they don’t know you or your athletic abilities. This is why you need original application papers, an amazing video that showcases the best of your athletic performances, and a unique touch that intrigues the board.

When you’re creating your application, you need to think beyond sports. Since many athletes don’t excel in the writing part, you might want to seek another solution that will guarantee your admission.

Importance of Personal Statements

Writing a personal statement is a prerequisite to getting into a college or university. It’s assigned by most institutions regardless of the program you are trying to get into. It should be engaging and personal, not to mention convincing.

A personal statement is all about the person who’s submitting it. It should not be similar to that of others. Sure, you can share similar goals with other athletes, but this statement serves to showcase your personality, unique achievements, and future ambitions.

Such a small piece of content can cause students many headaches. But, don’t see it that way. A personal statement gives you an opportunity to stand out in a crowd. It’s your entrance to the school of your choice where you’ll learn to become a better athlete and have a chance to play with amazing people with similar goals!


Author’s Bio

Judy Nelson is one of very few female MMA coaches. She graduated from college and spent 5 years in the bodybuilding job industry before she switched to wrestling. Today, Judy is a private coach and an active sports advocate on social media.

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