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UFC 4 on PC

Will EA Sports UFC 4 Ever Come To PC?

UFC 4 has improved upon its previous counterpart in every way receiving good critic reviews and community feedback. Fans that have been yearning for a PC release are still left to wonder when they will get their hands on the explosive new career mode that came in this 4th iteration of the UFC series.

This licensed MMA fighting game has a massive fan following on PC and that is only on the upwards trajectory in recent years. Then why has UFC 4 not been released on PC is the main question that everyone is left to wonder.

The release of UFC 4 seemed like an ideal time to port the game over the PC and break the drought that had been building up in the PC game library regarding a fighting game.

Not only will the game quickly be a success and capture the fan base of the genre in which no real competitor to the UFC 4 exists but the general trend in the gaming industry also aligned with the cause.

More and more big game developers like Ubisoft, Bethesda, Bandai Namco are also on the verge of making their console games available on PC. Other manufacturers were to follow suit. EA however on the other hand had other plans and decided to stick with their initial

Why Is UFC 4 Not on PC?

Despite the outcry of fans to bring the MMA licensed fighting series on PC there still has not been any official talk on the matter. EA has provided no explanation as to why UFC 4 is not coming to PC despite the obvious demand for the game on the platform.

Based on some credible assumptions there are some reasons as to why EA has still refrained from bringing the UFC series on PC. The most common assumption with the greatest consensus from both fans and industry critics is that EA is not bringing UFC 4 to PC because of licensing issues.

Since the UFC series is an officially licensed MMA game EA is bound by a set of rules and regulations and a contract they cannot breach. If the original contract only allows for a console release or doesn’t include the possible scale and expansion of the game on other platforms, then EA is obliged to follow that. Failure to comply with the terms will result in the EA and UFC series of the game getting stripped of their official license.

The other possible explanation that many people agree on is that the game is not released on PC due to piracy issues. As you know PC games are prone to piracy and therefore in a sensitive game like UFC it can result in a very alarming situation. This explanation however in my opinion seems a little vague and out of context. In this day and age anti-piracy technologies have progressed a lot and Steam, the flagship platform for PC games, is also more secure and reliable than ever.

Lastly, the final case for the lack of release of UFC 4 perpetrates from the fact that EA doesn’t see the game being profitable on PC. Maybe the business of EA at this time doesn’t align with the release of UFC 4 on PC and they have other projects on hand that they consider more important to sink time and money in.

Whatever the case, I believe EA should at least come up with a concrete response to this query that has affected many people. Until then we can only wait for an official response from the team responsible for the UFC game at EA.

When Can We Expect UFC 4 to Launch on PC

As much as I want the game to be released right now on PC, I hate to inform you that there is no confirmation of the date when UFC 4 is going to release. Everyone at this point can only speculate the release of UFC 4 on PC as they see fit.

I know uncertainty about anything is the worst. One would rather have a distinct release date announced for the game or be told that the game is not going to be released on PC. Keeping a person in limbo is not the correct way of doing things but unfortunately, that is what EA is doing with the fans of UFC 4.

If I have to guess, the release of UFC 4 on PC is not far off. With the rise in demand for the beloved fighting game on PC and the general rapid growth of the PC platform, EA Sports will be bound to release the game on PC soon. Until then we all sit around and wait for the console guys to beta test the game for us. 

What Will Be the Hardware Requirement for UFC 4 if It Ever Released on PC?

Obviously, when UFC 4 will be released on PC you will need a proper computer that has fulfilled the game compatibility checklist in order to play it. UFC 4 is a graphically intensive game due to its recent graphics improvement hence it requires decent hardware to run the game smoothly.

Since there are no official hardware requirements of the game published yet we are going to assume UFC 4 will have similar requirements to other sports titles from EA of the same year. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in advance.

For a smooth gaming experience you will need either of the following:

  • In terms of a PC, you will need a PC that has at least an Intel i5 processor with an Nvidia GTX 165O or higher. For a smooth gaming experience, AVGPC Hellfire which is considered a great $800 gaming PC and would suffice in playing this game without a hitch.
  • As far as a laptop is concerned you definitely need to consider a proper gaming laptop to play this game. A laptop powerful enough like the Razer Blade 15 which is the best gaming laptop under $2000 in the market would be able to accomplish the task of playing this game smoothly.


This wraps up today’s article relating to the release of UFC 4 on PC. Every fan of the game including me is hoping for UFC 4 to release on PC so that we can also get our hands dirty with the new career mode and other aspects that the game has to offer.

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