Chris McKinney: “Potentially being paid in what would put me in jail in my own hometown”

Chris McKinney full interview above.

Chris McKinney calls the beautiful country and backwoods of southern West Virginia, home. Along with his students and training partners at his Arte Suave Academy, McKinney lives an honest and low-key lifestyle. Teaching, training, and competing are where you can catch McKinney on the day-to-day. A life he thoroughly enjoys.

Although the location and operating a BJJ academy in southern West Virginia whilst an active cannabis user isn’t the easiest endeavor For McKinney, his sanity and awareness make it all worth the hassle.

In a matter of a few days, McKinney will venture to the city of sin, Las Vegas for one of the biggest competitions he will be a part of to date. He’ll partake in High Rollerz: War Games on Saturday, November 13th at HRHQ. A High Rollerz themed event geared for the serviceman of our country between the branches of the military. In which McKinney previously served a term in the United States Army.

“It’s insane to me that I could potentially be getting paid in what would put me in jail in my own hometown,” He elaborates about competing at High Rollerz. “I’m the first of my kind in this area and kind of bringing awareness to this area and breaking down the stigma of marijuana because here, they’re still stuck on that “Reefer Madness” bullshit,” McKinney says about the current state of cannabis in West Virginia.

While McKinney relishes on the opportunity to compete for such a thriving Jiu-Jitsu promotion, he’s fully aware of the bigger picture that High Rollerz represents. With so much physical stress on the body and anxieties that stem from competing, McKinney proudly puts his stamp of approval on cannabis in sports, a case and point for High Rollerz as a brand. “It’s pain management, McKinney pleads. “I’ve dealt with back injuries, broken bones, arthritis and nerve damage-I’m 34 years old,” McKinney says. “This is what I use for pain management as well as my mental illnesses, you know? I struggle with depression. And it’s (cannabis) is actually good for you!”

“It’s a complete honor to be considered to be even a part of something like High Rollerz,” McKinney says about competing in a card that serves to remember those who serve our country.

Tune in above as Chris McKinney joins MyMMArijuanaChronicles (tune in above) to discuss what cannabis has done for him as an athlete. He also discusses competing on a card such as High Rollerz, the struggles of utilizing cannabis in a still “illegal state”, and so much more!

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