Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez – “I think Justin (Gaethje) has a lot of the same qualities as Mike (Perry)

Eddie Alvarez and Mike Perry collide for the King of Violence title on December 2nd at BKFC 56.

Alvarez spoke to me before this massive bare-knuckle boxing event and excerpts from our chat are below.

Eddie Alvarez

I thought it was an interesting distinction at the press conference you were saying you’re the reigning and defending King of Violence. You do have a victory over Justin Gaethje, the current BMF champion.

I posed a similar question to Mike when I spoke to him ahead of this BKFC 56 fight. Do you feel like there’s almost a little more prestige to this King of Violence title being that you’ve beaten the BMF champion?

“Yeah, I mean, you know, that was already hashed out a while ago. The funny thing is, I think Justin (Gaethje) has a lot of the same qualities as Mike. His willingness to stay in the pocket. He’s fan friendly, throws big shots, they’re a lot alike, in a way. So, I learned a lot from the Justin Gaethje fight that I can take into this fight and kind of use. So, I’m glad that happened and I’m glad we’re here today.”


Speaking of where you’re at today, I was just noticing that on December 14th, you’ll have reached 20 years of mixed martial arts competition and just a lot of general fighting experience.

A meaningful anniversary, no doubt. What is it like to take on a fight of this magnitude that is getting so much attention at this juncture in your career?

“I honestly; I just think it’s a testament to the journey that we’ve been on. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone. I’m just trying to be a better mixed martial artist every day. A better man every day. The byproduct of that happened to be world titles, it happened to be big old paychecks, and things like that. But my ultimate goal is just to keep getting better at martial arts, boxing, and just be a better martial artist altogether and be a better man. I’ve had some pretty cool things happen in the midst of trying to achieve that goal.”

Eddie Alvarez vs Mike Perry

You talk about that martial arts journey and the refinement, without giving specifics, necessarily, which could maybe get in the way of the game plan. Just the champion pedigree you have, how much did you glean from that first bare-knuckle fight that has refined you and galvanized you as a BKFC combatant heading into the sophomore bare-knuckle fight at BKFC 56?

“I’m glad I dealt with adversity in there. I got cut wide open. Like I got dropped twice. It wasn’t a picture-perfect fight. I didn’t expect it to be. I was going against a really good competitor. Another champion, a guy who I consider a champion fighter. So, I’m glad I’ve dealt with some adversity in there. Breathed, relaxed, and just kept coming. I got to show my grit and my spirit, and you know, it wasn’t a flawless fight. I’m not a flawless fighter. So, I’m glad that happened. I’m sure I could take it into this fight and use it.”

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