Final Four Karate Olympians Selected for Tokyo Olympics

With the Olympic Games coming next month, teams and brackets are being finalized as the Games rapidly approach. The WKF and the Tripartite Commission Invitation announced the final four karateka to represent their countries in the upcoming games.

Two met the guidelines by the Tripartite Commission Invitation and qualified in the Kata section of the competition. Sayed Mohammed Almosawi of Kuwait and Puleksenija Jovanoska of North Macedonia. The two met all the criteria and get to represent their country proud.

No other athlete met the required criteria to receive an invitation. However the Olympics require 82 karateka to compete in Tokyo this year. The spots were sent back to the WKF who then selected two more finalist. Ilja Smorguner of Germany and Leila Heurtault of France were the lucky two chosen to go to the games.

Almosawi, Jovanoska, and Smorguner are all competing in kata, or form, and Heurtault is competing in the female 61 kilogram Kumite, or sparring.

Karate in the Olympic Games For the First Time

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be the first time karate has been a part of the Games. There will be 82 karateka, which consists of 40 women and 42 men. 61 will compete in Kumite and 21 in kata.

Ilja Smorguner is a two time World Medalist and should be a great addition to the Olympic Games. In addition, Almosawi and Jovanoska will also be perfect additions to the kata section of the tournament.

Karate’s addition to the Olympic Games comes just in time for the games to take place in Tokyo. It marks the growth the IOC is searching for in new sports. Last week, news came across that kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Sambo all received provisional recognition for the Games and could be making their way to a future iteration of the Olympic Games.

With the athletes chosen for the upcoming Karate Olympics, seeding will be next. Stay posted to My MMA News for all the latest information on seeding for the Olympics, not only in karate, but boxing, judo, wrestling and Taekwondo as well. Thanks for reading!

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