Gable Steveson to return to wrestling for US Open

It seems the wrestling world is going to get themselves more of Gable Steveson. Announced today, Steveson will be at the US Open in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be going for another accolade as he looks to win a World Championship to go with his already-lengthy resume. Check out the announcement below!

“This is Gable Steveson. Your Olympic Gold Medalist. Two-time National Champion. Two-time Hodge trophy winner. The only heavyweight in history to do so. I will be at the US Open in Las Vegas, Nevada. See you there.”

Gable Steveson: Greatness At A Young Age

Gable Steveson comes from the University of Minnesota. There, he won two National Championships and two Hodge Trophies. In 2020, he then tried out for and made the Olympic Team for Team USA. In 2021, he traveled with the rest of the team to Tokyo, Japan to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

It was there he transcended wrestling and achieve immortality in the annals of sport history when he took home the gold medal when he came from behind in the last second against Georgia’s Geno Petriashvili.

He returned for one more season to Minnesota where he was perfect. He went undefeated and handily cruised through the NCAA Tournament for his second National Title. In a fairy tale ending, he put his shoes on the mat, signifying his retirement from wrestling.

After he was done with his last year of college, Steveson entertained a possibility of either fighting in mixed martial arts or transitioning to pro wrestling and the WWE. He picked WWE.

But it seems Steveson is back and he’s going to wrestle again, looking to add a World Championship to his resume. Hopefully this puts him in the real competitive mode, and he decides to move over to MMA instead of pro wrestling.

If so, we can get Jon Jones vs. Gable Steveson in 2 years’ time. Let that sink in.

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