Gary Grant Jr. Discusses U.S.K.A Delaware and the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame

“It’s always fight week,” for the man of many hats in the combat sports world, Gary Grant Jr. From setting up cages to constructing the BKFC’s infamous squared circle, as well as promoting events, Grant does it all!

On Saturday June 26, The United States Kickboxing Association (USKA), known predominantly as a Pennsylvania-based fight promotion, is set to return to action in several weeks. Taking their show on the road, the promotion proudly brings USKA: Muay Thai in the Cage to New Castle, DE.

“Given such a limited rule set in the state of Pennsylvania, the move to a state that appeases the fighters wants was a no brainer,” says USKA promoter, Gary Grant Jr. We just have more options in Delaware.”

To elaborate, one of the polarizing standards in the official ruleset difference is/will be the utilization of protective headgear. In many states, including Pennsylvania, amateurs must wear appropriate protective headgear in every amateur sanctioned bout. In Delaware, however, “fighters with a couple of fights can take the headgear off,” Grant says.

What may seem like a minute detail, more times than not, as fighters gain experience, they tend to favor fighting without the added protuberance of headgear to create a much larger target to be hit.

With a dynamite card on the horizon, the main event and co-main are set for fireworks. Grant wasn’t shy for words expressing his excitement for the impending matchups.

“Sean Malloy and Ken Butler! That fight is just going to be fantastic! They’ve both fought for us before, Sean multiple times. And Sean’s got power, Grant emphasizes. “Everything he throws, he throws for the fence! He’s never in a full fight. Ken Butler is on a winning streak,” he explains. “He holds a title from a different organization. So that fight is going to be fantastic!”

“Juwan Gonzales from Next Level (Martial Arts) and Johnny Wunder from Algeo’s (MMA)” is another matchup Grant announced. “Both of those guys just fought for us. Juwan lost a close decision in the main event! And Johnny Wunder fought to a draw in the co-main event of our last event so it’s a perfect matchup,” Explains Grant.

As the states begin to open up public events, Grant is happy to announce that there “will be a couple hundred so we will have a nice crowd and whatever that number is, we’ll sell it out,” Grant assures. We’re (also) going to do an online PPV through We did it for our last fight, (and) it worked out fantastic!”

Tune in above to check out the entire interview as Gary Grant Jr. breaks down USKA: Muay Thai in the Cage. He discusses his weekend in Belfast for the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame, how he maintains his busy schedule of multiple fights every weekend, and much more!

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Adam Crist
Currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Wilmington University, Adam’s passion for the sport only grows stronger when a fighter’s voice can be heard. He thrives on asking detailed questions to inspire the thoughts behind the punches in hopes that each fighter can find their proper justice. Specializing in pre and post fight interviews for MyMMANews, Adam strives to keep the fight fans up to speed with the most recent and authentic MMA news possible. He is Co-promoter of Delaware’s premier kick-boxing and Muay Thai organization, IBF Promotions. Recently he has also accompanied MMA organizations Global Proving Ground and XCC as Co-host and ringside commentator.