Grayson Wells

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Grayson Wells on Unified MMA 45 title fight and being on A Million Little Things

Grayson Wells challenges Christian Larsen in a rematch for the heavyweight title at Unified MMA 45 on May 27th.

I spoke with Wells ahead of this high-stakes championship sequel and excerpts from our conversation are below.

Grayson Wells

Being featured as an actor on the ABC broadcasted season finale of A Million Little Things

“Well, it came through my agent. I have a pretty solid agent out in Vancouver. She was able to get me the audition. They liked what I did. So I landed it and it turned out really well.”

Thoughts on this Larsen sequel and the short notice nature of this after Rashad Coulter dropped out

“I think I got the call from Sunny (Sareen), Unified promoter, I think it was eight days before the fight. It was just over a week and it was kind of a long shot. I haven’t been doing a lot of fight training so I’m healthy. My last fight with Larsen, I fought injured. I hadn’t trained at all. Not being in the gym or anything for the last five weeks leading up to the fight. But you know, I signed the contract and I’m a professional. Once I agree to fight then I fight.”

Unified MMA 45

“After the fight after the loss, I didn’t want to make any excuses as to why I lost. Because honestly, nobody really cares and it’s just not really my style to make any excuse. You lost, you suck it up, you move on. Now when I got the phone call, I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in in years. With no injuries. I haven’t been fight training but I’ve been in the gym working on my fitness twice a day. I feel like I’m in really good shape. What I took away from the last fight with Larsen is that I got to feel what it was like to move around with him.”

Grayson Wells continued, “The fight was short because I slipped right into an arm triangle and I got tapped out right away. But I did manage to get him off of me. He did throw me and he got full mount on me. Which is obviously a horrible position. But I did get him off, I felt his size, and I think it humanized him a bit for me… I don’t want to say that I was scared but I was definitely cautious of him… Just being in the condition that I was last time, I was very anxious to fight. Whereas now I feel a lot calmer. I’m actually really looking forward to getting in there this Friday.”

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