Betting on Boxing

How to Get an Edge When Betting on Boxing

Gambling and boxing have always been intertwined. Therefore, it is not surprising that boxing is a popular offering at online betting platforms. Punters who are betting on the sports for the first time have a lot of resources that can help them improve their winning chances. This guide highlights some of the tactics that can help bettors capitalise on gambling opportunities. If you ever wagered on one-on-one sports, then you might recognise some of the strategies of boxing betting. However, a punter who is used to team sports might have to learn a few new things.

Before anything else, though know how to pick a suitable sportsbook. Any knowledge you arm yourself with would be useless if you cannot capitalise on it. Therefore, learn where to bet on boxing online. Stick to registered and licenced betting websites. You don’t want to win big on a boxing match then find out the bookmaker doesn’t honour winnings.

Leverage Statistics

As with any other sport, boxing offers insightful data that gamblers can use to make smart betting decisions. Although statistics don’t provide any guarantees, they give you information that you can utilise to make the most profitable wagers. Numbers can tell you a lot about a fighter. Details, such as significant strikes landed, punch totals and the percentage of strikes landed, can paint a clear picture of how a competitor fights. Depending on where you are betting from, you can find several websites that offer detailed boxing statistics.

Consider Ranking Systems

As you evaluate a particular fighter, you have to consider his or her rankings compared to other competitors. How well does a competitor rank in a particular class? The web provides various resources that bettors can use for this purpose. Two highly recommended resources are Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and Ring Magazine. Although these publications don’t have an official seal of approval from sanctioning bodies, they have established themselves as authoritative sources. The ratings present here are by experienced boxing experts across the globe. As you compare fighters, look at the pound-for-pound and weight class rankings.

Learn About Previous and Recent Punishment

Fitness plays a crucial role in a fighter’s performance. For this reason, you should be aware if a competitor is 100% going into a match. Consider the amount of beating that boxers have been through in the past. A tough knockout can leave a fighter without his or her usual edge. The effects of a previous injury could be physical or psychological. So, look at the level of damage that a boxer has experienced throughout their career. Conversely, you must be keen about fighters who are still new and have never been injured before. Such a competitor might not be able to survive under pressure.

Watch Out for Heavy Favourites

When you have a widely popular fighter on the card, it is easy to put your wager on that selection. Of course, such a choice seems like a sure win. However, betting om favourites is not always the best decision. Smart gambling is all about value. Does betting on Manny Pacquiao as the favourite offer any worthwhile profits? Usually, wagering on heavy favourites requires punters to put up sizeable stakes. In the end, you might realise that the earnings are almost negligible. Of course, this does not mean that favourites are not worth betting on. The point is to learn how boxing lines work so that you can calculate value before putting up your money.

Choose Your Fights Carefully

Not every fight on the card is worth staking money on. When betting on boxing, you might fill the need to wager on the entire card, especially if you have gone a long while without some boxing action. However, this move can cost you money. Always consider the bottom line with each bet that you place. Although this might not matter if you are betting for fun. Take the time to find the fight that delivers the best value. Note that this selection doesn’t have to be the main event.

Boxing betting goes back a long way, and online bookmakers have contributed to the industry’s evolution. Today’s bettor can gamble on numerous boxing competitions globally from the comfort of wherever they are. Before taking advantage of all the benefits of online boxing betting, learn some of the strategies you should employ for the best experiences.


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