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Isaac Doolittle

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Isaac Doolittle: Jake Bostwick “One of the Best ’75ers for a Reason”

Isaac Doolittle tests skills with Jake Bostwick at BKFC 38 on March 17th.

Doolittle appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts once again to discuss his move down to middleweight here, his previous fight for the interim light heavyweight belt in a BKFC classic vs Mike Richman, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Isaac Doolittle

Positive takeaways that came out of his BKFC classic versus Mike Richman for interim gold

“Well the cliche is you either win or you learn and I took that to heart. (Mike) Richman, I’m not happy that I lost but I’m grateful that I lost. Because I’m a person who likes to learn. If there’s nothing left to learn, the sport or whatever skill becomes stale. It was starting to become stale because I was winning and beating everybody. They were running from me.”

“Richman stood and gave me something that I had never gotten before. He put me in positions that I had never been before. It really opens your eyes to what you don’t know and that gets me excited. Because that means there’s stuff out there, I don’t know. That means there’s stuff out there that I can learn. Richman gave me a lot of that. So, I’m very appreciative to that man.”


Doolittle’s thoughts on the recent Mike Richman vs Lorenzo Hunt title unification fight

“The man (Mike Richman) is a phenomenal striker. He is a masterclass; he showed it against (Lorenzo) Hunt. He just got a little bit comfortable in there, dropped his shoulder, and got dropped. Other than that, he was putting on an absolute clinic on Hunt.”

“With Hunt, Richman just did the exact game plan that we were planning on working on him. Hunt tried to complain afterward about a fingernail in his eye. I don’t think there’s ever been a fight where I’ve been able to use both eyes. Part of the fight game, get used to it. It’s gonna suck but if you want to fight, you want to fight. He won fair and square, but you did get humbled. Take that humility like a man. Come back training, get better, make sure it doesn’t happen again. Don’t complain about it.”


Some of the motivations for Doolittle moving down to middleweight here

“There was a definite disadvantage in fighting at 185 (light heavyweight). Because everybody and their dog at ’85 cuts from two, 205, 210, 215, anywhere up to 220. I think Josh Dyer is a natural 205’er but he cuts all the way down to ’85. Think he said he walked around at 210, 220. I’m walking around on the buzzer. That’s a big difference. Especially with these limbs. Like I’ve got the reach of a 5’1 woman.”

“These guys have 80-inch reach. I’m walking around with 63, maybe 69 with my shoulders. ’75 just, we’re just closer in size. People are going to have a lot harder of a time running from me. It’s hard to keep their range, I don’t have to work as hard. People like to dogfight more at ’75 because they’re shorter. So that’s kind of the idea we went with. I’m kind of tired of chasing all my opponents around like they’re my kid and they’re in trouble in the mall.”

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Doolittle continued, “Not only that, (David) Mundell moved down to ’75. When we were up at ’85, he checked every fight I had, and he kept telling me he’d end my boring streak. So, I’m coming down to give him a chance to end my boring streak.”

“I mean it’s not really that big of a backstory. He posted on a few of my fights. I think it was either the last one or two or one before that. But he told me that he’d end my boring streak and I’ll give you the chance. Dude is a phenomenal bare-knuckle boxer. 6-1, there are not many that can claim that record. Apart from Lorenzo (Hunt) and I think Reggie Barnett. An absolute phenomenal athlete and very technical fighter. I’ll give him that chance though.”

Thoughts on opponent Jake Bostwick heading into this clash

“Jake Bostwick, I think he’s a great fighter. He’s explosive, he’s great on the inside, he’s got good footwork. His head movement is a little bit linear, but it also lends to his balance. He’s really got a good balance. So, he’s kind of hard to knock down. He’s very explosive, he’s very powerful, he fights heavily on the inside. Which is going to make this a wonderful fight. I mean you saw what I did to the last guy who fought me on the inside, we sat, and we banged. That’s going to be a blast. I want to do that again. This dude is; he’s up there. He’s one of the best 75ers for a reason.”

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