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Jeff Chiffens Ready For BKFC Return This Spring

Yesterday, February 9, I, Brady Briggs of MyMMMNews spoke with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship talent Jeff Chiffens, who appears eager to get back inside the boxing ring within the next two or three months.

One thing that stood out about our conversation was how he got his start in Bare Knuckle competitions. He’d started out just fighting in the street, but he was given an opportunity to compete at WBKFF on November 9, 2018.

“Yeah I was just, I kind of fell into it. I was just kind of like when Bare Knuckle was underground still. We were just having fights around my area up in Philly and stuff. And I kind of crossed paths with guys that were making it happen and that stuff. And yeah I just got into it that way.

“Yeah I actually knew one of the promoters for it through the underground thing that was going on. So yeah, they just needed somebody, they’d seen me fight before, and they figured I was dumb enough to do it for real cheap. So, you know what I mean, they threw me in there haha.”

Chiffens would walk away the victor via first-round knockout after an incredibly wild and violent fight.

Chiffens went on to say how he’s happy to be with BKFC, a promotion that takes good care of him, rather than not paying him for his efforts. In fact, no one that fought that night on the WBKFF card was paid. Chris Leben is the only one to this day, because he asked for some of the purse up front.

After his fight with WBKFF, Chiffens was flown out to England, where he’d compete for BKB against an experienced, and much larger Smudger Smith. Two more defeats would follow after this fight, but one thing really stood out, and that’s his durability.

He has the ability to absorb so much damage and stay standing, with the referee having to stop the action due to just how many blows he’s taking. That’s what happened in his last two fights.

Actually, he wasn’t doing too bad in the Kaleb Harris fight, though in the second round he was taking a lot of punishment. The fight was stopped at the end of round two. Now, you can’t be saved by the bell in this sport, but he answered the ten count in time. The stoppage left many of us thinking it was unjust.

Nonetheless, Chiffens is eager to end this skid and get back on the winning track with a victory this Spring.

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