Katharina Dalisda

Katharina Dalisda “She (Isabela de Pádua) Has Skills on Every Level”

Katharina Dalisda collides with Isabela de Pádua at OKTAGON 42: Tichota vs Keita on April 29th.

Dalisda appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to touch on fighting one of the best women pound for pound that fights out of Brazil, the great work had over the years with MMA Spirit, plus so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Katharina Dalisda

Tape studying for this one and Dalisda’s thoughts on Isabela de Pádua’s resume and stylistic attributes

“So my manager and I, we did analyze her. Watched her fights and yeah, just find out what she’s doing normally. But I more try to focus on myself. So just working out my strengths and getting into a game. So I would say the focus is more on that. More on my own my game.”

“I would say that she’s more or less a well-rounder. She has skills on every level. I just have to be focused and concentrated in the fight. She will be I guess more or less aggressive one coming into the fight. Not going back, more going into the front and coming to me. Yeah, she’s also a solid grappler. So yeah, that’s what I think about her.”

The technical sparring work Dalisda gets in at MMA Spirit

“Yeah, it depends. Like say if we have lighter people in a conditioned group, it’s really good for me to spar with. But also like for example, for this preparation I work with Daniel Weichel. I guess you know him? Yeah, it’s really helpful for me because he’s so experienced and has so many skills. I can learn so much from him and he can just challenge me. Yeah, I know that it’s good preparation trust in the process.”

Oktagon 42

Riding a winning streak with a notable win over Mallory Martin within that Oktagon MMA stretch and if Dalisda has found great traction within the promotion

“So like in the last years, I didn’t change so much. I guess it’s just a result of years of training. So I started more or less late with the sport. It was like I felt improvement from fight to fight. But then I had, I guess in 2022 I had like a long period with0ut a fight. So from end of December until October and maybe that was a good choice for me to just focus on training. Work things out and getting a little bit more easy on the mat. Yeah no, it’s really working well.”

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