Tyler Goodjohn

Tyler Goodjohn following BKFC 15 victory- Photo by Phil Lambert for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Media Matchmaker: What’s next for Tyler Goodjohn?

“The British Are Coming”…was all we could hear as we made our way to BKFC 15. Tyler Goodjohn had his anticipated debut on U.S. soil. Coming from BKB in the U.K., Goodjohn had racked up a British World title and an undefeated record prior to making the journey. He won his debut against Charles Bennett which left some of the fans lacking in the area of satisfaction. With his first appearance out of the way, let’s take a look at potential match-ups for El Tornado and why they could make a lot of sense.

Charles Bennett
Bennett is no stranger to combat sports. His wins and loses at this point do not even matter. He has over 70 professional fights, is willing to take on anyone, and performs when the day comes. In his first two appearances he had some issues with hand injuries that he has seemed to have worked out. He also admitted to actually putting in the gym time for this fight. We got to see the best version of Bennett inside the squared circle. Some fans and media members think that the decision could have gone either way. With the exception of an early knockdown Bennett was able to stay neck and neck with Goodjohn. Was this a new and improved Bennett? Was this a lackluster Goodjohn? We will never know. What we do know is Goodjohn took a month-long trip that involved a two week quarantine, Covid-19, and a life of living in hotels. The training camp he would normally put in just wasn’t possible. A rematch with both fighters at their absolute best would make a lot of sense.

Jim Alers
Alers stood at the top of his weight class at 4-0. His game plan is simple and out there for the world. He shows up, comes forward, and does not take his foot off the gas pedal until there is a winner. This was a solid game plan until his most recent fight. Luis Palomino was able to derail Alers in spectacular fashion to retain his title. With only 1 loss on his bare knuckle record, Alers will be paving his next road to a title shot. Goodjohn is coming off a questionable win under near impossible conditions and Alers needs to claim a big name to slingshot himself into the spotlight. Both fighters have something big to gain if this were to happen. They also both have something big to lose.

Brandon Lambert
Lambert is awaiting his debut under the bare knuckle flag. While he and Goodjohn have had several exchanges on-line, Lambert has his crosshairs still set at the British world champion. Coming into a debut against a top named fighter has a lot of good points. If you can get the win it automatically gives you a bigger platform. You would not fight on an undercard because Goodjohn would never be on the undercard. It is a very smart career move. Lambert has even gone as far as offering to lay down $10,000 of his own money to get the fight signed. With everything that has been said it would make a world of sense for Goodjohn to take this fight and shut down his first heckler. Proceed with caution though…. In the world of bare knuckle what you say could get you into a fist fight. While Lambert is an unknown I think this fight sells to the fans.

Luis Palomino
When Palomino defended his title Goodjohn stole some of the spotlight. He entered the squared circle to have some words with the defending champ. Palomino did not like this one bit, and he should be upset. His defining moment in bare knuckle will always have the mark on it. What better way to get back the piece of spotlight you lost. Take on the man who took it. This would be a situation where Goodjohn would have to cut the line to get into this fight. Palomino did say he had no interest, but that could have changed. He did say he wanted a real named fighter. Hate him or love him Goodjohn is not even close to an unknown.

Jason Knight
Goodjohn called for Knight after his win over Bennett. Knight does not back down from any fights. There isn’t much to write here. Knight is as durable as they come and will throw with anyone that he gets in there with. Goodjohn has a style that would make this a bloody cat and mouse type event. Goodjohn has great head movement and often stands in there with his chin out and hands down. Borderline Neo from the Matrix status. I have no doubts that Knight would like to see if he can touch that chin. World class movement and boxing takes on world class striking and durability. This could headline any card.