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Mike Goldberg breaks down the pair of title fights at BYB X

Mike Goldberg has had a decorated MMA commentary career with the UFC and Bellator MMA. He is now one of the primary voices of BYB Extreme and spoke to me on Bowks Talking Bouts ahead of the bare-knuckle boxing extravaganza, Biloxi Brawl.

I spoke with Goldberg ahead of BYB X on May 28th. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Mike Goldberg

BYB X and the pair of title fights that will top Biloxi Brawl

“I look forward to both title fights for two very different reasons. Tony Lopez, I mean this dude has truly over a hundred bouts combined over all forms of combat. He’s been knocked out in all of those different sports I want to say, I’d have to look at my bio to be exact Dylan, four or five times.”

“He comes in on four days’ notice on our last show and puts on a clinic. Tony Lopez is another guy who defines bare-knuckle fighting. He defines any place, anywhere any time, and add one more to it, any style. So for Tony to be coming at this point in his career with all that experience, be able to utilize his style, and potentially become BYB’s first heavyweight champion, what a great story. Because if you are a combat sports fan, you know who Tony Lopez is.”


Mike Goldberg continued, “Then you go to the other side of it with Paty Juarez our champ on the women’s side. Paty Juarez came in. She went seven hard rounds with Christine Stanley in the inaugural women’s title fight. But Paty Juarez comes from a family of boxers. Her big sister Barbie (Mariana) is widely known basically as the Julio Cesar Chavez Sr female version of Mexican boxing. Multiple-time world champion, Barbie big sister. Little sister Lourdes. One of our shows, Paty was fighting for the title and Lourdes was in a fight in Mexico looking to retain her belt.”

“So now you have the pure boxer come in and use those skills without gloves. So far, she’s been absolutely spectacular. She’s been fascinating to watch. Because in that 22 by 22 by 22 circus, she’s still able to truly show that she has a boxing pedigree with world championships throughout her family. Now she happens to have one as well. So just off the top of my head, you look at the two title fights, very different storylines. But the similar results are, they win most of their fights.”

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