MyMMArijuanaChronicles ft. JM Holland: “It just feels right!”

The 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu family and community have formed an entity of its own in the combat sports community. Founded Eddie Bravo, who is a Jean Jacques Machado black belt, Bravo started his own branding/style of nontraditional Jiu Jitsu geared toward the MMA practitioner which he would to come to call the 10th Planet system.

“I just believed in Eddie! I knew he had a vision for JiuJitsu. And jumped on board! It’s just been working ever since,” says 10th Planet black belt, instructor and competitor, JM Holland. Holland was a child who grew up through the martial arts community. Starting with Tiger Schullmans Martial Arts, Holland was well versed in several disciplines from a young age. He amassed a 2-1 boxing record, 4-1 kickboxing record, and 5-4 MMA record, showing he has what it takes to train hard and win big when the pressure’s on. Once Holland switched his focus solely to 10th Planet JiuJitsu, it took him a total of 7 years of consistent training to be awarded his black belt from Eddie Bravo.

He and his partner in crime Zach Maslany head the 10th Planet Bethlehem/Finishers MMA school in Easton, PA. Together, Holland and Maslany have traveled the world competing, helping their fighters prepare, hosting seminars, on top of keeping their fan base entertained with the Finishers Podcast. A friendship which Holland describes as “a special relationship”. Based on “chemistry” and their ability to keep their egos in check, saying, “no egos! You got to watch your ego! Like, you’re working with someone!”

The day in age we live, and the well-known usage of cannabis, not only worldwide but specifically in the Jiu Jitsu community (especially in the 10th Planet circles), is far from a surprise. Martial artists commonly use cannabis for therapeutic remedies such as inflammation relief, mental clarity/stability, and relaxing, to name a few. Holland isn’t shy to stand up against the old-school mentality/stigma that unfortunately still follows cannabis.

“I’m just smart. I’m not an idiot about it” Holland says. “ I use it for training and recovery and just my mind. Like, working on my brain”, Holland says about his cannabis usage. “Its not something bad like alcohol or anything else! As time went on, I stopped thinking of it as a big deal.” Continuing with, “it’s legal everywhere that I go”

“The grind is ridiculous man,” Holland passionately conveys. “Just the everyday grind of it. It’s something you use because you’re not eating. Or you’re cutting weight or you’re miserable. Marijuana helps!” He goes on to testify, “Bad shit happens. That (cannabis) helps! Sometimes you’ve been avoiding some shit in your mind. Like, you know you haven’t taken enough time to look at a problem as you should and you know, you smoke a little bit.” Finalizing with “it forces you to kind of look at that. Or it makes you face something you don’t want to face. In Jiu Jitsu that’s everyday!”

Tune into above for another edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles as JM Holland is the guest of the hour to break down his life in combat sports, his future in competition, the female phenom, Grace Gundram. As well as an in-depth on Hollands view of Cannabis in JiuJitsu as well as his life and so much more!

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JM Holland

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