Ilias Ennahachi

ONE Championship’s Ilias Ennahachi Teases MMA Transition

ONE Championship kickboxing champion, Ilias Ennahachi is, once again, teasing a move over to mixed martial arts. The kickboxing champion posted a video of him on Instagram earlier in the month showing him working on wrestling.

Ilias Ennahachi Campaigning for MMA

Ilias Ennahachi hasn’t been shy about his intentions of making a move for mixed martial arts. Many of the best in kickboxing have been doing so including Cedric Doumbe and Alex Pereira who fights Sean Strickland at UFC 276 this weekend.

Ennahachi is targeting Demetrius Johnson, who is rematching Adriano Moraes at ONE 161, and called him out after his title defense against Superlek.

After the callout, Ilias Ennahachi went on Instagram and said he would be open to a double crossover:

Hello @mighty , i just heard you were considering an experience at kickboxing inside @onechampionship. I’m excited with that news, not only because i’m the @onechampionship champion at your weight class, but also because i think the kickboxing world would love to see you at this sport. After all, you are a living legend.”

As a [World Champion], I would like to challenge you for a fight at ONE Championship, and to be fair, if i win (which i will, trust me), I will give you the rematch in your rules (MMA), this way it’s fair for both!!”

It will be an honor to fight a legend like you, so @yodchatri and @onechampionship let’s make this happen !!! I can’t wait for it…. And Still!!!!”

While the fight between Moraes and Johnson will be a tough one, Johnson had mentioned in the past that he’d like to try kickboxing. The crossover event could be a good one and should Johnson win the title, a champ versus champ bout would be huge for ONE Championship.

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