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Polaris 14 Squads: Team UK/ Ireland vs. Team Europe Live Results

Polaris 14: Squads Team UK 🇬🇧/ Ireland 🇮🇪 vs. Team Europe🇪🇺

When: Sunday, September 27, 2020

Where: Southampton, England

How To Watch: UFC Fight Pass

Polaris Squads will have two 40-minute halves. During those halves, there will be a ‘winner stays on’ format. Each round (or match between competitors) is 5 minutes with a 30 second rest period in between.

If a competitor submits someone from the other team, they will have 30 seconds to prepare themselves for the next challenger from the other team. The winning competitor also scores one point for their team. If a member of the under 75kg group submits a member of the under 95kg group, then they will score three points for the team. Points are only scored by submission wins.

In the case of a draw, there will be a 20 minute sudden death overtime extension during which the same rules apply – the first team to win by submission will win.

If the score is still tied after 20 minutes, the two team captains will compete against each other in one five-minute round under the Polaris Superfight rules – and if there is no submission, the judges will decide the winner based on aggression, submission attempts, and pushing the pace.

First Half:

Ash Williams (-75kg) vs. Eduardo Teta Rios (-95kg): DRAW.

Bradley Hill (-95kg) vs. Mateusz Szczecinski (-75kg): DRAW.

Jed Hue (-95kg) vs. Kamil Wilk (-75kg): DRAW.

Kieran Davern (-95kg) vs. Marcin Held (-95kg): DRAW.

Taylor Pearman (-95kg) vs. Santeri Lilius (-95kg): DRAW.

Tom Halpin (-75kg) vs. Dinu Bucalet (-75kg): Tom Halpin winner by Triangle.

Tom Halpin (-75kg) vs. Tommi Pulkkanen (-75kg): DRAW.

Darragh O’Conaill (-95kg) vs. Tarik Hopstock (-95kg): DRAW.

Dominic Dillon (-75kg) vs. Mateusz Szczecinski (-75kg): DRAW.

After 40 minutes Team UK 🇬🇧 & Ireland🇮🇪 are up 1-0.

Second Half:

Ash Williams (-75kg) vs. Marcin Held (-95kg): DRAW.

Kieran Davern (-95kg) vs. Tarik Hopstock (-95kg): DRAW.

Bradley Hill (-95kg) vs. Kamil Wilk (-75kg): DRAW.

Jed Hue (-75kg) vs. Mateusz Szczecinski (-75kg): DRAW.

Dominic Dillon (-75kg) vs. Tommi Pulkkanen (-75kg): DRAW.

Taylor Pearman (-95kg) vs. Eduardo Teta Rios (-95kg): DRAW.

Darragh O’Conaill (-95kg) vs. Santeri Lilius (-95kg): DRAW.

Ash Williams (-75kg) vs. Dinu Bucalet (-75kg): DRAW.

Team UK 🇬🇧/ Ireland 🇮🇪 wins 1-0.


Ffion Davies vs. Magdalena Loska: Ffion Davies winner by Rear Naked Choke.

Team UK 🇬🇧 & Ireland🇮🇪

Under 75kg:

Tom Halpin

Jed Hue

Dominic Dillon

Ash Williams

Under 95kg:

Taylor Pearman

Bradley Hill

Kieran Davern

Darragh O’Conaill- Team Captain


Team Europe 🇪🇺

Under 75kg:

Mateusz Szczecinski

Tommi Pulkkanen

Kamil Wilk

Dinu Bucalet

Under 95kg:

Tarik Hopstock

Santeri Lilius

Marcin Held

Eduardo “Teta” Rios- Team Captain

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