Elias Theodorou, Lyoto Machida

Pure EVil MMA EP.119 Elias Theodorou Calls Out Lyoto | G.L.O.W. Original SUNNY | Shawn Teed OF DWTNCS

Elias Theodorou, Lyoto Machida

This week on Pure EVil MMA Podcast EVil Eddie has an A List lineup once again for everyone

  • First interview of the day: EVil Eddie speaks with another OG G.L.O.W. Wrestler Patricia Summerland AKA “SUNNY” (@GlowSunnyGirl) who shares how the Netflix series has given the original members a cult following, birthing new fans and bringing back nostalgic memories for the old fans. Sunny shares an extremely scary and serious story about being stalked by someone and how it made it onto “Americas Most Wanted” Top 10 list. Sunny has a message for anyone going through a hard time or similar situation dealing with stalkers and ends on a positive note by sharing some great news about the original members meeting up for a GLOW Musical and Season 2 viewing party over at ROXY Astors house.
  • Next EVil Eddie is joined by no other than the inaugural Invicta FC “RING BOY” and UFC top 15 Elias Theodorou ( @EliasTheodorou ) who tells us that he wants a fight with the legend Lyoto Machida in the next few months and shares why he is against the UFC taking away the early weigh ins.
  • To end the show we have up and coming fighter, Shawn Teed ( @Teed ) who is getting ready to fight on week 7 of Dana Whites Tuesday Night Contender Series and tells fans what to expect and what it takes to get the contract from Dana White.

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