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Salita Promotions and Kronk Gym To Host No Spectator Event In Detroit

Salita Promotions and Kronk Gym have agreed to put on a no spectator event in downtown Detroit. While there is no date yet, the legendary Kronk gym promises to put on some of the best boxing to date.

President of Salita Promotions, Dmitriy Salita, knows what Kronk gym means to the city of Detroit. He knows the depth of talent at the gym and he is excited to get back to business in the boxing world.

“The Kronk is the heart of boxing in this city and I’m happy to be bringing these high-profile events to the historic gym. Detroit has many great prospects and contenders who can now return to action in a safe virus-free environment. The fans and fighters have waited long enough and I am grateful to the team at Kronk Gym for hosting these upcoming fights.”

Kronk Gym: Detroit’s Boxing Epicenter

Head trainer at Kronk is Javan Steward, ALA SugarHill. He’s simply grateful to have such an amazing gym in the city of Detroit and looks forward to making a difference in the community.

“To be able to have real competitive live fights here is amazing to me,” said SugarHill. “I am very excited this will be happening. It’s an honor for an event like that to take place at the historic Kronk Gym where so many world champions come from. I picture these fights will be a lot like the classic days of the Blue Horizon. I give thanks to my cousin Sylvia Steward Williams, Emanuel’s daughter. If she hadn’t put this gym together, we wouldn’t be doing this right now. Many thanks to her and all she has done for these events to take place.”

There is no date set for the event yet, but that will come. Michigan Athletic Commission approval is the first hurdle to cross. When Salita Promotions and Kronk do announce a date, you can catch it on My MMA News. Thanks for reading!

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