Randy Couture, Workout Of The Week: Team Quest Grappling Circuit

Workout Of The Week: Team Quest Grappling Circuit

A bout 10 years ago, Randy Couture filmed a video where he was doing a barbell complex workout to prepare for Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74. I took his routine and changed it a little bit to fit how I like to train my clients. My version of the complex has 7 exercises done consecutively with the barbell for 8 to 10 reps each. After the 7 exercises are done you will drop down right into 15 hand release pushups, then into 15 straight leg situps, and then finally right into a 400 meter sprint. Take a 1 minute rest and repeat. This complex is very grueling and exhausting if done right. It is short and sweet but, packs a powerful punch.

Here is the Team Quest Grappling Circuit:

  1. Bent-Over Row 8-10 reps

  2. Upright Row 8-10 reps workout of the week

  3. Clean 8-10 reps

  4. Military Press 8-10 reps

  5. Behind The Back Squat 8-10 reps

  6. Lunge Right 8-10 reps THEN Lunge Left 8-10 reps workout of the week

  7. Stiff Leg Deadlift 8-10 reps

  8. Hand Release Pushups 15 reps

  9. Straight Leg Situps 15 reps

  10. 400 meter Sprint

REST 1 minute

*You can increase the weights and decrease the reps each round if you want.


Good luck and Have fun!

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