Three Fights to Make in 2021

Three Fights to Make in 2021

Even with the coronavirus sweeping the globe during 2020, the UFC managed to put on some awesome events. Now, as we edge closer to 2021, thoughts turn to what the dream fights would be in the next 12 months.

Of course, the term ‘dream fight’ is subjective. Therefore, feel free to disagree with these match-ups. They are merely one voice in an ocean of opinions. However, if you’re reading this, Dana – do us a favor and make them happen. If any of these fights are announced, thousands of bettors will head to to check the early prices.

Stipe Miocic Vs Jon Jones

With Jon ‘Bones’ Jones vacating the Light Heavyweight strap that he had worn (on and off) since 2011; the rumours are that he’s looking to move up to heavyweight when – or if – he returns.

Already talk has surfaced of WWE legend and former UFC champion Brock Lesnar wanting to score a fight with Bones, who is widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the history of the sport. While this match-up appeals from the perspective of Dana’s wallet; the fight itself does little to excite.

The one to make; if JJ does go up a weight class, is him against reigning champ Stipe Miocic. Both fighters are athletic, so Jones would certainly have his work cut out. That isn’t to say he can’t win. For real, he stands a very good chance – as does Stipe for that matter. This is why it would be a fantastic match-up as no one knows what the outcome would be. Additionally, it would mean another good payday for Miocic, and we can all agree he deserves that for being an all-round good dude.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Conor McGregor

Before getting shot down as a nut-hugging fanboy of The Notorious, please hear us out. Admittedly, the first fight was rather lopsided, but to be fair, most of Khabib’s fights have been that way, so why the longing for a rematch in 2021?

Let’s go back to when Conor was … well … Conor. He tore through the Featherweight division and ended up knocking out long-time champion Jose Aldo in only 13 seconds. Following that, after a couple of tussles with Nate Diaz, he became the first UFC champ to hold belts in two weight classes when he schooled Eddie Alvarez to win the 155lb strap.

We then witnessed the bizarre spectacle of the Floyd Mayweather boxing match, which made him more money than 99% of the UFC roster will see in their lifetime. Things started to go south with several out-of-the-octagon incidents hitting the headlines. Eventually, he was lured back to fight in the UFC in 2018 with a big-money showdown against Khabib – as mentioned, that didn’t end well.

After more than a year out, Mystic Mac returned in January 2020 to face Cowboy Cerrone. Sure, Cowboy’s best days were behind him, but Conor appeared to have that fire back in his belly; the same fire that took him from nowhere to become the double champ.

Not many are saying that McGregor would beat the Eagle in a rematch. However, we all know that we didn’t see the best Conor in the first fight.

A fully-focused, fully-committed McGregor will cause problems for any fighter, and that could prove a stern test for Khabib, which is unquestionably something the world wants to see.

Alexander Volkanovski vs Henry Cejudo

Many had Max Holloway on their scorecards in his rematch with Volkanovski. However, two of the judges didn’t, and The Great retained the 145lb belt that he won after beating Max in their first fight.

What’s done is done, so let’s move on. Although there are some dangerous fighters at Featherweight, the match-up that is most intriguing is Henry ‘Triple C’ Cejudo coming out of retirement to fight for a belt in a third weight class.

Cejudo is rather like Marmite – you either love him or hate him. For sure, he’s a little cringe outside of the octagon, but you have to respect what the dude has achieved. Starting at Flyweight, he got his clocked cleaned when he first fought Mighty Mouse. That didn’t deter him; he went back to the drawing board and improved. He was rewarded for his efforts by beating Johnson in their rematch.

Ten months after picking up his first UFC strap, Henry added a second when he TKO’ed Marlon Moraes in the third round to secure the Bantamweight title. He went on to defend this belt with an impressive performance against Dominick Cruz. Following this fight, he immediately announced his retirement from the sport. Many believe this was a move to force the UFC’s hand in pay negotiations between the two.

Recently, Henry has come out publicly asking Dana to arrange a super fight with Volkanovski and let’s hope 2021 is the year it happens. Will Triple C open as the favorite? It wouldn’t surprise us.

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