Who's Number One

Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs. Kyle Boehm Live Results

Who’s Number One

When: Friday, June 5, 2020 at 8pm EST.

Where: Gilley’s Dallas, 1135 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215.

How To Watch: Live on FloGrappling.com

In the main event, Gordon Ryan meets Kyle Boehm in a submission only matchup with no time limit.

Who’s Number One Results Below:

Main Event

Heavy Weight Black Belt No-Gi 10:50pm:

(Sub Only, No Time Limit)

Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie) vs. Kyle Boehm (10th Planet): Gordon Ryan winner by Triangle Arm Lock.

Co-Main Event

170lbs No-Gi 10:30pm:

Nicky Ryan (Renzo Gracie) vs. Tye Ruotolo (ATOS): Tye Ruotolo winner by Decision.

160lbs No-Gi 10:10pm:

Ethan Crelinsten (Renzo Gracie) vs. Kade Ruotolo (ATOS): Kade Ruotolo winner by Decision.

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi 9:59pm:

Kody Steele (Brazilian Fight Factory) vs. Alec Baulding (ABBJJ): Kody Steele winner by Decision.

150lbs No-Gi 9:48pm:

Elizabeth Clay (Bastos BJJ) vs. Chelsah Lyons (Marcelo Garcia): Elizabeth Clay winner by Heel Hook.

200lbs Black Belt No-Gi 9:37pm:

Hunter Colvin (Triton) vs. Andre Gomes Reis (Gracie Gym): Hunter Colvin winner by Decision.

170lbs Black Belt No-Gi 9:26pm:

Chris Orozco (Travis Moore BJJ) vs. Diego Santana do Espírito Santo (Alliance): Diego Santana winner by Kimura.

190lbs Black Belt No-Gi 9:15pm:

Camron Couch (Mohler MMA) vs. Isiah Wright (Easton BJJ): Camron Couch winner by Decision.

215lbs Brown Belt No-Gi 9:05:

Kyle Short (Flux MMA) vs. Kevin McCormick (Marcelo Garcia): Kevin McCormick winner by Decision.

160lbs Brown Belt No-Gi 8:55pm:

Stefanie Kopacz (Roberto Traven BJJ) vs. Jordan Patrick (Triton): Stefanie Kopacz winner by Decision.

190lbs Brown Belt No-Gi 8:45pm:

Austin Morris (Redline BJJ) vs. Wally Thompson (Tac Team): Austin Morris winner by Guillotine.

160lbs No-Gi 8:36pm:

Diego Pichlingue (Kudos Jiu Jitsu) vs. Andrew Tackett (Brazilian Fight Factory): Andrew Tackett winner by Decision.

170lbs Purple Belt No-Gi 8:27pm:

Andrew Tackett (Brazilian Fight Factory) vs. Anthony Robinson (Star BJJ): Andrew Tackett winner by Decision.

125lbs Purple Belt No-Gi 8:18pm:

Jessie Crane (Ares) vs. Jesse Stempe (Easton BJJ): Jessie Crane winner by Rear Naked Choke.

140lbs No-Gi 8:09pm:

April Thompson (OMA) vs. Nathalia Santoro (Renzo Gracie): Nathalia Santoro winner by Triangle.

150lbs No-Gi 8pm:

Hannah Sternblitz (Star BJJ) vs. Emily Fernandez (Bastos BJJ): Emily Fernandez winner by Decision.

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