Who's Number One 

Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs. Matheus Diniz Live Results

Who’s Number One 

When: October 2,2020

Where: Austin, Texas

How To Watch: Flograppling.com

In the main event, arguably one of the best grapplers in the world, Gordon Ryan takes on Matheus Diniz. Two ADCC champions battle it out on the biggest stage to find out Who’s Number One!

Complete Who’s Number One results below:

Gordon Ryan vs. Matheus Diniz – 30 minutes sub only: Gordon Ryan winner by Heel Hook.

Craig Jones vs. Roberto Jimenez – 15 minutes sub only: Craig Jones winner by Heel Hook.

Who's Number One, Gabi Garcia

Gabi Garcia vs. Elisabeth Clay – 15 minutes sub only: Gabi Garcia winner by Decision.

Kody Steele vs. Dante Leon – 15 minutes sub only: Dante Leon winner by Decision

Paulo Miyao vs. Geo Martinez – 15 minutes sub only: Geo Martinez winner by Decision.

Luiza Monteiro vs. Nathalie Ribeiro – 15 minutes sub only: Nathalie Ribeiro winner by Split Decision.

Nicky Ryan vs. Tony Ramos – 15 minutes sub only: Nicky Ryan winner by Heel Hook.

William Tackett vs Jason Rau – 15 minutes sub only: William Tackett winner by Kimura Inside The Triangle.

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