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Andrew Tate

Photo by Octav Ganea/Inquam Photos/Reuters Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate (background) are escorted by police officers in Bucharest on Thursday.

Andrew Tate detained in Romania on allegations of rape and trafficking

Former kickboxer and mixed martial artists, Andrew Tate, full name Emory Andrew Tate III, and his brother Tristan, were arrested in Romania along with two other suspects on December 29.

According to reports, prosecutors said that they found evidence that six women had been sexually exploited “using physical violence and mental constraint” by members of the group.

The report states that the women had been forced into making pornographic content for distribution on social media for financial gain to the group, they said.

Police detained Tate on Thursday after a search of his property in a high-end neighborhood of Romania’s capital, Bucharest, according to an official statement.

Andrew Tate, now an American-British social media personality and businessman, has recently come under fire for his voiced opinion on women. His misogynistic commentary has resulted in his suspension from several social media platforms.

Prosecutors said that the brothers have been under criminal investigation since April, according to Reuters, when Tate’s Bucharest mansion was searched by police in connection with human trafficking allegations.

Tate holds a pro kickboxing record of 76-9 and a pro MMA record of 2-1.  His last combat sports bout on record came in 2020.

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