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Brett “Big Dog” Martin is looking to continue to prove he is a top talent by defeating Antonio “Big Foot” Silva

Life is often what is made of opportunities and what people make of them. For Brett “Big Dog” Martin, he has made the most of his opportunities so far. First by defeating a current UFC fighter after he left the Ultimate Fighter House in 2019 and then winning the LFA heavyweight tournament in 2019 as well. Though he is disappointed 2020 hasn’t turned out the way he intended such as fighting on Contender Series or directly in the UFC, Martin is excited to have the biggest opportunity of his career when he faces MMA legend, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at Taura MMA 11 on October 30.

“I was very excited to have a fight to be able to have a fight, not only to have a fight against such a great opponent. It’s like if you were a NASCAR fan lining up against a NASCAR veteran. For me it’s awesome to get back into the cage and even more so against Bigfoot.”

The fight came to be because of a Facebook message that came out of the blue. Martin had been starting to get to know Lucas Lutkus, the manager of UFC fighter Johnny Walker. After getting to know him, one day, out of the blue, Lutkus offered him the fight.

“He’s just a really nice guy and he reached out and said he had this fight offer and I jumped all over,” said Martin.

Despite trending up in his career and Silva on a losing streak, Martin had no issues with taking the fight. After all, as he explained, rankings don’t matter in the sport.

“This is a sport where rankings and wins and all that shit doesn’t really matter so when that’s the type of deal and these things don’t matter, all I can do is take fights, this is the next fight I was offered. The fight made sense I felt and who won’t want to fight Bigfoot after all he’s done for the sport?’

Though he has respect for Silva, Martin feels he shouldn’t be underestimated and his skills are more than enough to get an impressive victory. Martin believes that this fight will be another showcase of his skills.

“I say if the battle on the ground happen, I’m just a superior wrestler than a lot of these guys, if he tries to go there I don’t see it going well from him. He’d be fighting off his back the whole fight, you know what I mean and we’re not just doing jiu jitsu in there. I feel my jiu jitsu is very underestimated. You see guys I’ve subbed in the first round on the UFC roster right now. To me, I feel I’m being overlooked.”

While many are questioning Big Foot Silva fighting again after several losses in a row, Martin believes its him who actually has more to lose in this fight.

“He doesn’t really have shit to lose, that’s what people don’t get with this fight. As people try to make it like Big Foot Silva is the big name, yea he’s got history and that’s all good but he has four or five losses. I’m on a winning streak, I only have one loss in my pro career, I’m young. This is a dangerous fight for me as well.

“I think early first round knockout or late first round knockout. I’m going to go in there and be in his face and he doesn’t like that, anybody has ever beat him has been in his face.”

Brett Martin
Brett Martin Photo courtesy of Martins Instagram account
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