Dan Magnus

2X World Kickboxing Champion Dan Magnus Shares His “Best Of” Stories On Pure EVil MMA

On a special upload EVil Eddie speaks with 2X World Kickboxing Champion and WWE / WCW Vet, Dan Magnus about being the ONLY person on the planet to make a comeback after having OPEN HEART SURGERY! Magnus starts the show off by telling us about how people have been breaking into his building the last 2 days and returned just before the start of the interview. Magnus shares his thoughts on hard sparring over the years and how the sports evolving. Dan talks about how Dana White was honored to hire his son as the official UFC photographer for the last few years but in the long run was upsetting to his son because he felt he was living off his fathers name and wanted to make his own path. Finally we dive into his girlfriend, Roxy Astors steady success over the years and how the Netflix series and Documentary have refueled a fire inside the original cast enough to possibly spark a WWE mini surprise segment for the real fans of OG G.L.O.W.

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