Danielle Cohen

Danielle Cohen: The New Pitbull in Town

Danielle “Pitbull” Cohen will make her first walk to the Combat Night cage as she is set for her kickboxing debut against Nicole Konstanzer at Combat Night Broward on July 31st.

The 2021 Florida State Golden Gloves champion is nothing short of a high level prospect. She got her start in martial arts over six years ago strictly to let some steam off after finding out her boyfriend cheated on her. From that day on, whether it was training grappling or striking, you couldn’t take Cohen out of the gym. She started dedicating her life to martial arts and made it a goal to make it a career.

This past year she gained a new motive, one that pushes her daily to become the best she can be. Her father passed away during the pandemic last year. She was very close to him and everything she does is for him.

“After my dad passed away, going to the gym was the only thing I could do to get away from depression,” she said. “Every fight is for him; he is my motivation.”

Cohen is not only a strong, independent woman, but also she brings joy to the people around her and is just an overall good soul. One of her favorite things to do is to volunteer at Tri-County Animal Shelter. She has been volunteering there for seven years and is quite the dog-lover, especially pitbulls. This is one of a couple reasons she is nicknamed “Pitbull”. Her style is aggressive; she enjoys pressuring her opponents and pushing the pace forcing them to fight off their back foot.

After beginning her training at American Top Team, she made the move to the Goatshed Academy two years ago. With her skillset and personality, she fits in perfectly. She feels right at home as her teammates have welcomed her with opened arms and help her sharpen her tools daily. Cohen really thrives off the energy and family oriented environment the Goatshed provides.

“No gym compares to the energy the Goatshed brings,” she explained. “Everyone loves and supports each other like family.”

Cohen has made it clear she feels like she is prepared to get the job done come July 31st. She shows huge appreciation for all those who have prepared her, including highly touted Titan FC flyweight Roy Echeverria and the rest of the Goatshed crew. Cohen’s opponent is a versatile striker who likes to clinch. The “Pitbull” expects to put on a show this weekend and prove herself to the world in spectacular fashion.

“I’ve seen her fight and I have a lot of respect for her,” she said. “I would love a highlight reel first round finish.”

Danielle Cohen is a fighter that will pose a serious threat to anyone who steps in the cage or ring with her. Her work ethic is hard to come by and her mentality is one many will admire. However, she is more than a fighter. She is a someone who betters her community and makes every environment she’s in a positive one. Danielle Cohen will be a role model for many up and coming martial artists. Overall, don’t forget the “Pitbull” as she is someone who will be a star one day.

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