Dat Nguyen Seeks “Multiple World Championships” in BKFC Return

Daniel Straus and Dat Nguyen headline BKFC 38 in a featherweight fight set for March 17th.

Nguyen appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss his thoughts on becoming BKFC’s inaugural 145-pound champ someday, how he went from being stripped of 135-pound gold to returning at featherweight, plus so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Dat Nguyen

Leaving BKFC in summer 2021, being stripped of their bantamweight championship, and the timeline toward this return

“BKFC is a growing company and I’d like to work with them. So that way we can benefit from each other. Like I’ve said David (Feldman) is a great guy and I knew him before he was the promoter for BKFC. So, he’s always been there to help me when I need. So, it’s only right that I fight for this company. Be the best fighter I can be to help the company grow.”

Being a former BKFC champion at 135 pounds, a title challenger at lightweight, and what’s motivating Nguyen’s return at featherweight here

“From day one when I joined BKFC, I told David I want to do big things. The only way for me to do big things is to win multiple world championships. Because I already won the 135-pound world championship. So, moving up to fight bigger names, that will elevate my brand and my status. The fight for the 145-pound belt, that wasn’t available. So that’s even why I jumped two weight classes to fight the best pound-for-pound (Luis) Palomino in my last fight. I didn’t succeed but you know, there were circumstances. I would like to get another opportunity in that weight class.”


The historical significance it would have for Nguyen if he became BKFC’s inaugural featherweight champion down the line

“Right now, the 145 pound (class) is very stacked. Like I said, as I get older my natural weight is going up as well. So, 145 I mean, there’s a lot of young hungry kids out there and I’m a veteran. So I can’t wait to compete with those guys, win a belt there, and then move on to the next big thing.”

Nguyen’s thoughts on Daniel Straus’ resume and overall skillset as a fighter

“He’s a southpaw so he’s used to seeing a right-hander. Me being a right-hander, I only get to see a southpaw ten percent of the time. So basically, I only see southpaw ten percent of the time. So maybe he thinks that’s his advantage. But like I said, I’m a striker and I’m a brawler. So, whatever he brings, I’m already prepared for it. The main thing is I got to be in shape and I’m in shape right now. When you’re in shape, you can fight as hard as you want.”


Parting thoughts for Dat Nguyen

“Well, Dylan, thank you so much for your time. Like I said, I want to thank all the fans for always showing me the love and the support. Following me on this long journey of my career. This is my last run for the greatest achievement. So that’s why I sold my restaurant, I sold my gym to focus myself on fighting. David Feldman gave me that opportunity because he knows my goal. My goal is to achieve the thing that I set out twenty years ago and my goal hasn’t changed. He has the same goal. David set out for bare-knuckle, he was going to create bare-knuckle.”

“So many people were turning him down and he made it legal. He made it possible. So, he believed in my dream the same way he went and pursued his dream. But I want to thank all the fans out there. If you have a dream, keep going. Keep going, keep believing, and never give up. One day you’re going to get closer and I’m a step closer now to my dream. Of doing the things I want to do in combat sports. So, I want to thank all the fans for all the love. If you don’t know me then one day maybe you’ll hear about my story and hopefully, I can inspire you.”

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