Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis: “I have to come in there focused, strong and fast”

Gervonta Davis and Yuriorkis Gamboa face off tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia. The fighters and their promoters held the final press conference before their giant clash this weekend.

Gervonta Davis Fighting For The Fans

Gervonta Davis is ready for his fight. Everything has gone great, all the way down to his training camp. He and his team are setting the entire team up for success, Davis feels like.

“Training camp has been great. I’ve been training with my brothers and sister on the undercard. Saturday night we’re going to make history again. There hasn’t been a title fight in over 20 years and I’m excited to be in this position to open doors for others and myself.”

As mentioned in the last press conference, Davis is also excited to finally be fighting in Atlanta. He is excited to bring the fans a fight on this scale.

“This is my first time fighting in Atlanta. I’ve been coming here for over four or five years and I’ve been wanting to fight here. Atlanta always shows me love and I always thought that me fighting here would be big. I knew I had a big fan base here.”

Gervonta Davis knows it takes two to tango. He’s thankful that Yuriorkis Gamboa stepped up to take the challenge and is excited to bang for the fans.

“Saturday night we’re going to have a big fight. Thank you to Gamboa for taking the chance. Saturday night it’s going to be an action-packed fight and we’ll see who’s got what it takes.”

Gervonta Davis doesn’t miss an opportunity to promote his fight. Gamboa said he didn’t watch Davis’ last fight and he calls his bluff. “I’m pretty sure Gamboa watched my last fight. He’s just saying he didn’t to be cocky,” Davis says. “I know he at least watched it heading into this fight. We’ll see Saturday night. He’s been a little cocky, so I have to make him pay.

While confident in his abilities, Gervonta Davis is ready for a long fight and offers no predictions on this weekends clash.

“I can’t say whether I’ll get the knockout, but I’ve trained very hard and I’ve been focused on the main goal, which is to get the win. I know that Gamboa is a tough opponent and he’ll lay it all on the line. If it goes 12 rounds, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m looking to make this a great fight for me and also for the fans.”

At 25 years old, Davis is incredibly experienced, but in his 22 professional fights, he’s never gone the distance. Gervonta Davis doesn’t see that as a bad thing, however.

Davis says, “I believe that I haven’t gone past nine rounds and I’m undefeated, so I think that’s a good thing for me. I’ve been doing this for so many years that I believe Gamboa can’t bring anything to the ring that I haven’t seen.”

Whatever may happen, Gervonta Davis is ready to put on a show. “I know that I have to come in there focused, strong and fast. Let’s see what it all comes out to. I’m ready and hopefully he’s ready to give the fans what they want to see.”

The fans win this weekend. Gervonta Davis knows he and Gamboa will put on a great night of boxing, but they’re not the only good fight on the card. The undercard is stacked as well.

“Saturday night everyone should be looking for a great fight, not just from Gamboa and me, but the whole undercard. On Saturday night the fight fans win. We’re both bringing our all and we’ll see what Saturday night brings for each of us.”

Yuriorkis Gamboa On The Big Stage

Yuriorkis Gamboa is ready for the biggest fight of his career. He’s not letting the big lights and giant stage get to him though.

“My job isn’t to pay attention to any trash talk. My only focus is to go in there at 150% and give it my all. I don’t care about any of the chatter outside of the ring.”

When asked where Gamboa gets his confidence coming into the fight, he says it’s from his hard work. He’s not lucky getting to where he was at.

“The confidence that I have comes from my focus and the hard work that I’ve put into this camp. I know what I have to do December 28. Everything from camp has unfolded how I wanted to leading into fight night.”

Gamboa knows it could have been anyone fighting for the world title. But he is thankful he gets this opportunity to change his life.

“I’m very appreciative to have this opportunity to fight for the world title on Saturday night. I have to make the best of this position that I’m in. I’m still at the level where I know that I can compete and beat the best fighters in the sport.”

While it is an opportunity that most people do not get, Gamboa knows it’s not luck that got him to where he is now. “My focus and discipline has allowed me to get to the position that I’m in today. I’ve always relied upon that heavily and it hasn’t failed me yet,” says Gamboa.

While Gamboa recognizes Davis’ strengths, he feels his resume will be the difference maker in this fight.

“Gervonta knocking his opponents out and not going past the ninth round is great for him, but I don’t think it has anything to do with my resume. I’ve faced stronger fighters than Gervonta and I’ve been able to beat them. He’s not going to bring anything I haven’t seen.”

Gamboa is prepared for war. To win a world title, you have to be prepared for a long and difficult battle. “We’re thrilled that the fight landed in Atlanta and we can tell you that the fans are going to be very happy with the fight they see Saturday. I came here to win and I’m definitely ready to go all 12 rounds if I have to.”

Whatever May happen, Gamboa is ready for absolute war and knows the Atlanta fans are in for a treat.

“I’ve had a great training camp and I know what I’m able to give on Saturday. I’m giving my all and then some. Atlanta, be ready. We’re going to give you a war.”

Jean Pascal And The City of Atlanta

Fighting for a light heavyweight world title, Pascal is loving the city of Atlanta. He says, “This is my first time in the city of Atlanta and I might have to move here after my victory on Saturday night.”

Pascal, too, is on the biggest stage of his career. He is ready for it, as he’s prepared.

“I’m excited to be able to display my talents on Showtime on Saturday night. I’m at the top of my game and my whole team has helped me get to here.”

Pascal is ready for the challenge Saturday night. He compliments Jack’s abilities but feels he has put in the hard work to get it done.

“Badou Jack is a solid fighter with great defense and good attack. I’ve had a great camp in Puerto Rico. I’ve been away from my family for three months and I’m war ready. Make sure you tune in.”

As for their history, Pascal doesn’t think the sparring he and Badou Jack did will factor into the fight at all.

“Badou and I sparred, but it was a long time ago back in 2014. Sparring is sparring. I was getting ready for Sergey Kovalev. It was a good session, but at the time he was at 168-pounds. I don’t rely on that sparring because it was so long ago.”

Pascal isn’t worried about Jack’s lay-off from his cut in his last fight. He feels that will work to Jack’s benefit and give fans a great night of boxing.

“I know that Badou has had a long layoff and he’s fresh and will be even hungrier. I’m always hungry and that will make it a great fight on Saturday night.”

Regardless of his opponent, Pascal thinks his experience will be the X-factor this weekend against Badou Jack.

“I’ve been fighting at the highest level for the last 11 years. That means something. I’m a special fighter. I have things that nobody can teach, which is a chin and a heart.”

Badou Jack Bouncing Back

Badou Jack is excited to bounce back. His training camp has gone fantastic and he will be ready to get back to champion status Saturday night right before the Gervonta Davis fight.

“I had a great training camp, which everyone says, but I really do feel great. I’m 36 and I feel like I’m 26 again. I can’t wait for Saturday night to hear ‘and the new’.”

Regardless of his horrific cut in his last fight, Jack makes no excuses. He says he came out flat and deserved to lose that fight. But, he’s ready to probe the doubters wrong and showcase his skills at his full potential once more.

“I guess you have to wait until Saturday night for me to prove that I still have it. I was flat against Marcus Browne, regardless of the cut, but I feel much better this time than I did heading into that fight.

Jack doesn’t let what didn’t go his way in the past affect his mindset now.“All of the close decisions I’ve had in the past, everyone who watched those fights knows that those were wins. Saturday night I’m going to win and there will be no doubt.“

With Gervonta Davis fighting the main event, Badou Jack cannot be happier for him as they prepare for the fight this weekend. “Gervonta was on my undercard and now I’m on his and I’m very proud of him. He’s already a superstar,” says Jack.

Badou Jack knows his career is the most important thing to him right now. He and his team are working to prolong it as long as possible.

“I take care of myself. I don’t do anything outside the ring to jeopardize my career. I have a great nutritionist who gives me all organic foods. You can talk to my strength and conditioning coach as far as how I’m looking, but I feel amazing.”

Don’t count on Jack looking too far into the future, although. He knows he has a tough fight at hand with Jean Pascal. Jack thinks this matchup has potential to be fireworks.

“I’m going to take everything one fight at a time. I think Pascal can bring the best out of me on Saturday night. Styles make fights and I think our styles will mesh.”

Jack doesn’t feel too much similarity between Browne and Pascal. He is just ready to fight a great fight.

“Pascal and I both come to fight. Marcus Browne is a southpaw and he’s more evasive. So it’s hard to compare. Pascal is a tough guy and I expect nothing less than a tough fight.”

Jose Uzcategui vs. Lionell Thompson

Also gracing the card is former IBF Super Middleweight champ, Jose Uzcategui. He’s taking on Lionell Thompson and he also weighed in at the press conference.

After losing his title to Caleb Plant, Uzcategui is concentrating on becoming a two time world champion.

“I’m grateful to be back in this position and I promise the crowd won’t be disappointed. I’m going to be around for a long time and I’m going to get my world title back.”

Uzcategui wants a proper knock from Thompson. He calls his bluff in the lead in to the fight saying, “I don’t talk much, but since he says I only have power, we’ll see on Saturday. Don’t talk today and then run around the ring.”

Uzcategui is looking for the rematch with Plant who, as mentioned earlier, took his belt. He plans on making a statement in Atlanta and coming for his belt again.

“After I knock out Lionell Thompson, we’ll see what Caleb Plant has to say after that. I hope he will stand and fight. The only reason Plant is champion is because I messed up.”

Uzcategui is prepared to show everyone he’s the best in the world. “When I’m at my best, I’m the best super middleweight on the planet. Everyone will see on Saturday.”

Lionell Thompson In New Waters

First thing, Lionell Thompson was thankful to be considered for the opportunity in such a big fight in his super middleweight debut. “I want to thank Uzcategui and his team for taking the fight. This is my first time in the super middleweight division and I plan on being victorious.”

Thompson knows he has a big opportunity here against Uzcategui. He is working on displaying the best version of himself on Saturday night. He says, “To everybody that has helped me and supported me, I promise I won’t let you guys down. I’m planning on giving my best performance on Saturday night.”

As far as Uzcategui’s power, Thompson isn’t worried. He knows his time at light heavyweight will be of use here. “I’ve been in there with bigger punchers at light heavyweight and the only time I was stopped was early in my career. I’ve beaten good guys and undefeated prospects that could punch.”

Thompson feels like he is taking the right approach moving down to super middleweight. He isn’t simply cutting a lot of water weight. He is dieting and losing weight the correct way. “I believe that moving down in weight, and doing it right with a nutritionist, will be better for me. Anyone can hurt you. Everyone says that he can punch, but anyone who hits you right can hurt you.”

Thompson says his skills and technical prowess will be what will lead him to victory against Uzcategui. “I’m focused on being perfect,” says Thompson. “I don’t plan on making any mistakes. I know what I can do. Anyone who has shared the ring with me will say I’m one of the most skillful fighters out there. Floyd Mayweather even said it.”

Make no mistake, Thompson is coming for the win in Atlanta. He plans on bringing on the underdog mentality and believes he will have the to win the fight.

“I know Uzcategui is tough, but I’m not worried because I’m bringing my best. I believe I’ll be victorious. I respect him and he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, but I just believe in myself.”

Leonard Ellerbee, CEO of Mayweather Promotions

Leonard Ellerbee is excited that Mayweather Promotions is bringing such a big fight to Atlanta. He and his partners have stacked this card with some of the best talent in the boxing world.

“Saturday night, it’s going to be lit. I’m very excited about this card. I can recall when we first talked about bringing this fight to Atlanta, there was only one name that was synonymous with tapping into a market that hasn’t had a big fight in 20 years. When it comes to excitement, the name Gervonta Davis goes hand in hand.”

Ellerbee is excited that Atlanta is getting behind this card. He says, “We knew that this entire community would be involved. We know that this would be the most talked about event and create a buzz that we haven’t seen in many years.”

Leonard Ellerbee believes this card isn’t really a top heavy one. He thinks that it is action packed from top to bottom.

“We have an outstanding undercard, including a great co-main event with Jean Pascal and Badou Jack, which I guarantee will be a very entertaining match. These two are going to lay it all on the line.”

He continues, “From top to bottom this is a very entertaining card. Looking at the main event, when you look at Gamboa, you know what he brings to the table. We’re not buying anything about him being an older fighter. He has a phenomenal pedigree and he has seen everything in that ring. This is a very dangerous fight for Gervonta and that’s what we want. We want nothing but the best for Gervonta.

Most importantly for Ellerbee is Davis showing the world he is ready for the next level of fighters.

“I think that Gamboa is going to bring out the best in “Tank” on Saturday night. We’re going to give you an entertaining card from top to bottom, with a main event that’s going to end in a knockout.”

Stephen Espinoza, President Sports & Event Programming, Showtime Networks Inc.

President of Sports at Showtime, Stephen Espinoza is excited to showcase their fights over the next couple months. “It’s a big weekend for Showtime as we have eight big boxing shows over the next 10 weeks, featuring some of the biggest names in the sport and some of boxing’s top young prospects. We couldn’t kick it off with a better fight card this Saturday night.”

Espinoza is also calling for media and fans to recognize what Davis truly is: a star.

“It’s time to quit calling Gervonta a young star or a rising star, because what he has demonstrated this year is that he’s a bonafide star. That is without question when you go into three cities and bring out all the people that he has.

Espinoza says it’s all about the boxing, though. He says you must go out and execute and box to the best of their abilities.

“At the end of the day, none of that matters on Saturday night. That’s what we love about this sport. You have labels, critics and big names, but none of it matters when the bell rings. Each one of these six fighters up here fights like an underdog, because they’ve all been underdogs before.”

As for the main event, Espinoza expects fireworks.

“Gervonta and Gamboa fight like they’re hungry and like they’re angry. They fight like there’s one plate in the middle of the ring. In the co-main event, with Badou Jack and Jean Pascal, I’ll put their resumes against any fighter in the sport. They’ve fought tough fight after tough fight and they’re still fighting on this stage. Uzcategui is one of the hardest punchers in the sport, and Lionell Thompson is looking for his shot. With all of this together, we’re in for an entertaining night.”

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