Josh Warrington Ready for Can Xu

Josh Warrington wants Can Xu once after the quarantine is lifted

Josh Warrington Still Wants Can Xu After Quarantine Is Lifted

The undefeated UK boxer, Josh Warrington, has his sights set on a big fight regardless of the break provided by COVID-19. Warrington says on Matchroom Boxing’s The Lockdown Tapes that he intends to fight Can Xu whenever all this is said and done.

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Warrington feels that he is boxing better than he ever has and he wishes to capitalize on it. “I feel like I have momentum with me now,” said Warrington. “I don’t want to have too long out of the ring, but everyone is in the same boat right now. I’m at the highest point and level of buy career, and you want to be as busy as you can be. You have to be 100 percent every time you get in there at this level, you can’t blag it.”

As for the fight with Xu, pandemic or not, he is still the front runner to face off with Josh Warrington. The announcement was imminent before everything came to a screeching halt and all non-essential activity was stopped by the virus.

“Can Xu was the front-runner for my next fight and that’s where we ended before this started. Within the space of five days it went from ‘we could have an announcement’ to ‘it’s not happening any time soon’ because of the pandemic.”

Josh Warrington Knows Styles Make Fights

Josh Warrington loves what Xu brings to the table. He loves the output and action Xu puts out. Being part of such a memorial fight is exactly what Warrington is looking for.

“I haven’t been down about it though; I’ve kept myself ticking over because I think that it’s still going to happen. He’s WBA champion, in his last fight he threw about 1400 punches, he’s a busy guy and you know what, you want to be part of memorable fights that people are excited about and people talk about and say ‘I’ve watched that fight so many times.'”

At this level in his career, Warrington knows what he needs to do to cement his legacy in the boxing world. He wants to take on the best fights and put on a show everyone will love.

“When I signed first pro contract, never did I think I’d be at a level where I would be boxing for multiple World titles, Ring magazine belts, getting BoxRec number one t-shirts. Now I am at this level, I think, why wouldn’t I want to take on the biggest challenges? Why not dare to be great and go on to these big fights? If I had it my way, I would fight champion after champion after champion. You just want to be part of exciting fights.”

Josh Warrington will have an announcement on his next fight as soon as the virus quarantine is lifted. Stay posted to My MMA News to find out who, when, and where that will be. Thanks for reading!

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