Kasai Pro 4

KASAI Pro 4 Results- Live from Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC

On November 10, Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom in New York will host KASAI Pro 4. This event will showcase some of Jiu-Jitsu’s most decorated names in compelling feature-fights and a much anticipated eight-man no-gi tournament at 145lbs (65.8kg) to crown KASAI’s inaugural World Featherweight Champion.

There are also three super fights on the KASAI Pro 4 card: Matheus Diniz vs. Gordon Ryan, Edwin Najmi vs. Renato Canuto, and Dante Leon vs. Matheus Lutes.


Gordon Ryan out of tonight’s superfight vs. Matheus Diniz because of a Hepatitis C test. Gordon was born with Hep C and was treated and cured at age 12 BUT the NYSAC needed more tests and won’t get the results in time.

Eight-man, round-robin tournament for the KASAI World Featherweight Championship

Two round-robin brackets of four men.

Three 6-minute rounds.

The competitor with most points in each group advances to the final.

Group Scoring:

Win by submission = 3 points

Win by points = 2 points

Draw = 1 point

Loss = 0 points

Match Scoring:

IBJJF Unified Rules, plus…

1 point – Submission attempt (near tap) takedown (no control) going from bottom guard to top after a poor submission attempt by the opponent.

No advantages

All submissions legal.

Kasai Pro 4

The 8 Man Featherweight Tournament:

Frank Rosenthal (Group A)

Geo Martinez (Group A)

Gianni Grippo (Group B)

Kim Terra (Group B)

Bruno Frazatto (Group A)

Augusto Mendes (Group B)

Ethan Crelinsten (Group B)

Paulo Miyao (Group A)

ROUND 1 Group A:

Geo Martinez vs. Bruno Frazatto. Geo Martinez winner 3-2 (2 points). *Bruno Frazatto injured and ruled out of the tournament. *Frank Rosenthal receives a bye and 2 points.

Paulo Miyao vs. Frank Rosenthal. Paulo Miyao winner 10-1 (2 points).

ROUND 1 Group B:

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Gianni Grippo. Gianni Grippo winner 9-2 (2 points).

Kim Terra vs. Augusto Mendes. Augusto Mendes winner 2-0 (2points).

ROUND 2 Group A:

Paulo Miyao vs. Geo Martinez. Paulo Miyao winner 2-0 (2 points).

ROUND 2 Group B:

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Augusto Mendes. Augusto Mendes winner 2-0 (2 points).

Gianni Grippo vs. Kim Terra. Gianni Grippo winner 8-0 (2 points).

ROUND 3 Group A:

Geo Martinez vs. Frank Rosenthal. Frank Rosenthal winner 1-0 (2 points)

*Paulo Miyao gets a bye and 2 points due to Frazatto’s injury from round 1.

ROUND 3 Group B:

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Kim Terra. Ethan Crelinsten winner 2-1 (2 points).

Gianni Grippo vs. Augusto Mendes. DRAW. Gianni Grippo advances to the finals vs. Paulo Miyao.

3rd Place:

Frank Rosenthal vs. Augusto Mendes. Augusto Mendes winner 9-0 placing 3rd.

Featherweight Tournament Championship:

Gianni Grippo vs. Paulo Miyao. Gianni Grippo winner 3-2 and Featherweight Tournament Champion!


1. Marvin Castile (10P) vs. Carlos Rosado (Gracie Barra North Babylon). Carlos Rosado winner by points with a takedown in OT

2. Jeremiah Vance vs. Matheus Lutes. Matheus Lutes winner by North South Choke.

3. Vagner Rocha vs. Renato Canuto. Renato Canuto winner 3-0.

The Undercard:

6-minute time limit.
No-Gi matches: KASAI Pro rules apply.
Gi matches: IBJJF unified rules apply.

Tony Bergamo (Mushin MMA) vs. Silvio Duran (Vitor Shaolin BJJ). Silvio Duran winner by points .

Junny Ocasio (Unity BJJ) vs. Rey De Leon (10th Planet). Junny Ocasio winner by points.

Steve Kasten (10th Planet LI) vs. Thiago Rela (Rela BJJ). Steve Kasten winner by Heel Hook.

Italio Moura (Unity) vs. Nick Fiore (Renzo Gracie New Hampshire). Italo Moura winner by points.

Jesse Florentino (Stout BJJ) vs. Randy Nieves (Vamos BJJ). Jesse Florentino winner by points.

Caio Basso (Igor Gracie Academy) vs. Cameron Chaffee (Gracie Humaita Philly). Cameron Chaffee winner by points.

Mathaus Anderson (Gregor Gracie Academy) vs. Jon Potts (Monster MMA). Mathaus Anderson winner by Armbar.

Sean Yadimarco (Savarese BJJ) vs. Josh Boodhoo (OAMA). Sean Yadimarco winner by points.

Timmy Halaby (Gracie Barra LI) vs. Jeferson Guaresi (Unity BJJ). Jefferson Guaresi winner by Triangle.

James Taylor (East Coast MMA) vs. Justin Reyna (Essential). Justin Reyna winner by points.

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