Sean Leahy discusses his record breaking 13 second KO at U.S.K.A: Delaware

On Saturday, June 26th, the U.S.K.A, regional kickboxing promotion based out of Pennsylvania traveled a little way down the road to Newark, Delaware to present U.S.K.A: Muay Thai in the Cage. After a slight hiccup with the original venue, U.S.K.A promoter, Gary Grant Jr., and Chok Dee Athletics owner and professional Lion Fight heavyweight, “Bazooka” Joe Stripling worked out a plan to hold the show outside of Chok Dee Athletics/Patriot Ice Center, in the massively open parking lot.

The stage was set, and the fighters’ aspirations were high heading into fight day. Chok Dee Athletics heavyweight, Sean Leahy set the bar for the evening when he faced Dan Attinger in an amateur Muay Thai contest. Shortly after the opening bell and before the crowd knew it, Attinger was lying face up after crumbling to Leahy’s devastating punching power in the opening 13 seconds of the fight. Leahy blitzed forward from the opening moments, blistering his opponent with a brutalizing barrage. Opening his onslaught with an inside leg kick to hook-cross and finishing Attinger off with one final hook-cross is all it took to call a halt to the contest as Attinger was clearly out. “It felt great. I put a lot of hard work into the gym. There was a lot of people counting on me,” Leahy says about his bout

Little did Leahy know, his performance was record-breaking, quite literally.

Now, the proud record holder for the fastest heavyweight knockout in U.S.K.A history, Leahy was stunned and humbled by the honor that his Kru/coach, “Bazooka” Joe Stripling, previously held. “I was fully intending on doing exactly what I did,” Leahy says about his performance. “My biggest fear was I was going to hesitate, and I wasn’t going to go forward. So that was my focus. When he (the referee) says fight, ‘you’re in a fight. And you go and fight,” Leahy recalls about his pace.

With so much sacrifice and preparation leading up to such a successfully abrupt finale, Leahy certainly doesn’t plan to call it quits at the ripe age of 41. “I’ll definitely fight again,” he insists. “I haven’t quite scratched that itch. I love to compete,” he concludes.

Tune in above as MyMMANews stops into Delaware’s Chok Dee Athletics to catch up with the U.S.K.A’s fastest heavyweight KO record holder, Sean Leahy. We discuss his abrupt win, his years as a hockey enforcer, serving in the United States Marine Corps, getting into Muay Thai and so much!

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