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Technique of the Week: How To Perform A Slide-By

Wrestling season is upon us as conference duals and rivalry matches start coming together before the holidays, one thing is certain. There will be a winner and a loser. As matches start forming and takedowns become harder in a match verse an opponent, it turns into details when doing technique.

A fairly simple move I really enjoyed during my high school and college career was a slide-by. This can be used at all weights in wrestling, as many people have this thought in their minds that they’re “big guy” moves and “small guys” moves. I never believe that to be true and never will. A skilled wrestler can perform any

Slide By Or Shrug Takedown From Collar Tie: Basic Wrestling Moves and Technique For Beginners

Tutorial Showing A Slide Bye or Shrug Take Down For Beginners. Good takedown, Effective. This Instructional Goes Over The Keys To The Move And Is A Step By Step Breakdown. Subscribe for more wrestling videos, many more coming soon. This video is for folkstyle and freestyle wrestling.

skill he or she desires. It takes dedication, time, hard work, and a passion to become a better wrestler.

The Slide-by is an excellent move that catches many wrestlers when they are becoming lazy in a match. During the six minutes, or seven in college, a wrestler when tired will tend to tie-up while in a neutral position. While tying-up, they also usually forget to circle, which means they are pushing into or pulling you. When this happens they are practically setting up the slide-by for you.

When tied-up in the neutral position keep you’re a hand on the back of their neck. Take your other hand keeping inside control, and “check your time.”

What “check your time” refers to is the angle and position you will want your hand and forearm to be in when performing the skill. When the wrestler on offense checks his time, he will pop his foes arm up off his neck hitting just above his elbow lifting his arm opening an opportunity to “Slide-by.”

At the same time as popping an opponent’s arm, the offensive wrestler will want to look away to extend his arm. Extending the arm will allow an easy slide-by which will require very little force when checking the time.

Simultaneously to checking the time and looking away, the wrestler who is shooting pulls on the back of the neck of the other wrestler and takes two very important steps that will dictate the move being done correctly. The first step will be with foot on the same side as the wrestler is sliding to. It gets placed on the outside, next to the opponent’s foot. The far foot follows so that your feet are square to the defensive wrestler. The position of the offensive wrestler is on an angle to the side of the other wrestler.

While performing all these steps at the same time, you use the momentum of the other wrestler pulling him to the mat earning his back and two points for the takedown.

Remember to follow all the steps and to include them all. If you would like to see a particular skill on Technique of the Week, please contact My MMA News reporter and wrestling Coach Kyle Carroll via Twitter @jiblitz77.



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