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Top 10 Most Memorable UFC Sponsors

Before Bud Light and Tapout stepped in, the UFC used to partner with all sorts of sponsors. Dana White needed money to grow his brand, but very few brands wanted to be associated with his organization. Over time, though, the Octagon has become home to some of the largest brands in the world. Here are ten of the best UFC sponsors.

Condom Depot

Condom depot speaks for itself. It’s a brand that sells condoms. You know—the rubber thingies that help prevent unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Before 2009, it was White’s favorite sponsor, and he was willing to keep it around until he got better-paying brands.

What makes Condom Depot a significant brand partner, though, is that it stood with the UFC when no other brand wanted to. Most people thought it was strange to have a condom brand sponsoring MMA matches. But for the role it played to fund MMA fights, Condom Depot will always remain one of the best sponsors to grace the UFC.

Poker Stars

For some reason, gambling companies shun the UFC for boxing when it comes to sponsorships. But last year, online poker website Poker Stars made an unprecedented move by signing a multi-year agreement with the UFC.

Poker Stars plans to grow its popularity worldwide now that MMA is quickly becoming a major sport. With the new deal, the gambling platform becomes the UFC’s “official poker partner.” It gained rights to advertise inside the Octagon and on social networks; something TSG also hopes will help solidify its presence in the US.

Will Poker Stars’ arrival inspire more gambling companies to partner with the UFC? Time will tell. Fruity slots offers one of the best free spins UK guides with an incredible list of casinos that could also sponsor MMA athletes or the UFC. These casinos offer games like slots, poker, blackjack and MMA betting—all products that provide better connections to the UFC audience than Condom Depot.


When most people think of UFC attire, they think of Tapout. It’s been the leading attire provider for UFC fighters since 2012. It’s also famous in the WWE Universe and sponsors non-MMA athletes also. But it’s inside the Octagon where Tapout has elevated itself as a brand for athletes with a fighting spirit.

Fortunately, the UFC has no plans to end its partnerships with the clothing company. If anything, the two organizations have a long-term deal that could soon be extended.

Burger King

Burger King tried to fool the UFC universe that its meals were suitable for them. But let’s face. MMA athletes adhere to strict health-based diets. No self-respecting athlete would gobble Burger Kings’ calorie-filled beef patties when all nutritionists advise otherwise.

Still, Burger King made a slew of adverts during UFC matches with Roy Nelson as its ambassador. They even juxtaposed the heavyweight division athlete’s tummy with the Burger King logo to indirectly show their food was healthy. But after having little success in the Octagon, the fast-food network pulled out its sponsorship.

Corn Nuts

Similar to Burger King, Corn Nuts partnered with the UFC hoping it could impress MMA athletes and their fans with its snacks. The idea almost worked, but it soon morphed into memes when UFC announcers began to advertise Corn Nuts’ nutritional value.

Surprisingly, the snacks’ retailer truly believed it had struck the right cord by sponsoring MMA athletes. It regularly had mean-looking UFC fighters stand next to its logos. But the contrast between snacks and athletes known for their high-standard diets eventually forced out the sponsor.

Dude Wipes

In 2014, male-hygiene products’ retailer Dude Wipes sponsored Tyron Woodley. The company’s stint wasn’t very successful as it would later end the partnership. In 2017, Dude Wipes hit the headlines once again after UFC athlete Justine Kish had an accident involving emptying her bowels mid-game.

Amidst the embarrassing moment, Dude Wipes reached out to the athlete and offered to gift her any hygiene products she might need. People obviously loved the company’s initiative, and it earned itself a handful of customers in the process.

It’s also worth noting Justine took the accident immensely positive. Instead of letting it put her down, she joked about it, tweeted about it and welcomed offers for hygiene companies that wanted to sponsor her.


Xyience tastes delicious, at least judging by the popularity of the energy drink these days. It’s also a cool name unless you are tired of everyone butchering the English language in search of a unique brand name.

In the UFC arena, Xyience has had more success than most other sponsors due to the content of its drinks. Unlike most energy drinks, Xyience (Extreme Science if you like) promotes health-conscious beverages.

The drinks are available in numerous flavors, including guava, mango, cherry and melon. The brand swears they are 100% calorie and sugar-free. And considering they are also affordable, they fit well with the UFC Universe. Athletes can drink and promote them without feeling guilty Xyience benefits from the adverts in the end.

Bud Light

Brock Lesner is Bud Light’s favorite sponsor but not the only one. If you’ve watched any UFC match lately, you can’t escape the beer company’s flashy adverts. They put out so many adverts during significant events that you almost always end up buying their beer. They are that good with ads.
Bud Light is also lucky to be the UFC’s leading sponsor, so it has the luxury of bombarding viewers with as many adverts as it wants. Dana White also loves the organization. If it keeps shelling out money to him, expect to see the adverts for many more years.

The Gun Store

MMA is the sport of self-defense, so it isn’t surprising that the Gun Store that it fit to advertise guns inside the Octagon. But like Burger King and Corn Nuts, people weren’t convinced the best thing to do after watching MMA fights was to buy guns.

The Gun Store run a series of adverts in the UFC, though, before it finally realized it wasn’t gaining anything out of the sponsorship.

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