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Daniel Lerwell Reacts To BKB World Title Fight With Mason Shaw!

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Daniel Lerwell’s long awaited shot at a world title is set to come to fruition on 3rd July at BKB 21, when Lerwell competes for the vacant World Middleweight title against Mason Shaw.

Come fight night, 20 months will have passed since the last time Daniel Lerwell fought for BKB. Many will remember his last outing, a grueling yet successful defense of his British title against BKB’s first hall of fame inductee, Ricky Nelder. A man Lerwell actively describes as his toughest test to date. Lerwell verus Nelder, however, is old news. A new challenger awaits.

His Opponent

His name is Mason Shaw, a man whos rise through the British bare-knuckle boxing ranks hasn’t been easy. Last time out he would jump two stone above his natural weight to face Dorian Darch, a former opponent of Anthony Joshua and Eddie Chambers respectively. Shaw would go on to lose the fight via second round retirement, picking himself up off the canvas four times in the process. Despite the obvious weight discrepancy this loss seems to have effected the fan response to the world title fight announcement. With a record of 3-3-1 many have been quick to write off Shaw as an undeserving opponent, but Lerwell is far too wise to agree: “At his natural weight I would put him in the top five, one hundred percent… he’s a great fighter… I know what’s going to happen, people are going to say that Mason doesn’t deserve a title shot and this and that, but the guys he has fought, why not? He’s been in with the best, he’s won a few, he’s lost a few fair enough but he always fights, he’s loyal to the game, he’s a fighter, whoever they match him up with he’s in there every single time.”

His Prediction 

Daniel Lerwell sports an impressive 4-0 record with three wins coming by way of knockout, so it is perhaps unsurprising the mode of victory Lerwell is predicting. If you didn’t catch the hint there, here’s his response: “I’m going in there to knock him out, I’m always the same, I always go in to knockout, I think it’s going to be tough, I think going on a prediction it will probably be my toughest fight with Mason, as I know something like this will probably boost him on even more.”

His Motivation

Daniel fights for autism awareness, his son Theo was diagnosed with autism at two years old and since then Daniel has been fighting back against the many inequalities facing autistic people in society. The sheer magnitude of this fight presents the opportunity to once again promote Daniel’s message, not all disabilities are visible, be mindful of others (find further information here). “That is my main goal George, to raise awareness for autism as you know yourself  and this title fights going to bring that up more again. Hopefully it will be a good fight and it will bring more views and more awareness out there”.

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