Jerry Forrest

Jerry Forrest Signs with DiBella Entertainment

DiBella Entertainment has signed heavyweight Jerry Forrest (26-3 20 KOs). Forrest is a southpaw at 6’1″ from Virginia. Forrest is a great signing for DiBella and has some serious power in his hands.

Jerry Forrest goes by the name of “Slugger” and has for a long time. He tells fans that are new that his nickname has been his since day one, literally.

“My mother’s bloodstream got poisoned while pregnant with me and she had to have an emergency Caesarean section,” said Forrest. “The doctors told my family that I probably wouldn’t make it through the night. When my grandmother saw me in the incubator, she said, ‘You have to be a fighter, you have to be a slugger. If you die, my daughter will want to die. That can’t happen.’ When she said that, I started to respond and it was the first time that I opened my eyes. From day one, ‘Slugger’ was my nickname.”

Lou DiBella on Jerry Forrest

Lou DiBella, president of DiBella Entertainment, knew he had to sign Forrest the second he saw Forrest fight Jermaine Franklin.

“When I watched Jerry’s fight against Franklin, not only did I think he deserved to win, I saw a fighter with a lot of talent and potential. I’m thrilled to add him to the DiBella Entertainment roster,” said Lou DiBella. “With his size, style and strength, Forrest can be a big player in the heavyweight division.”

Jerry Forrest was excited to be part of DiBella Entertainment. He was thankful DiBella gave him the opportunity.

“Lou called me the day after I lost to Franklin and, from then on, I knew we’d be working together,” said Forrest. “This is an unbelievable moment for me and my family, not simply because I signed with a promoter, but because of who signed me. Lou was the only promoter that I wanted to be with because of his heart and the man that he is. I can’t wait to make my family proud and make Lou proud. The better I look, the better he looks.

Forrest believes he is the future of the heavyweight division. He says he believes nobody has the work ethic he has and looks to greats like Muhammad Ali for inspiration.

“There are a lot of good fighters in the heavyweight division right now, but I believe that I train harder than any of them. I’m an old school gym rat. Like Muhammad Ali said, ‘Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ I love the craft of boxing and I have a calculated style, but I also have that killer instinct inside of me. I know that I can compete at the top level.”

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