John Kreese Makes Appearance on AEW Dynamite

John Kreese Makes Appearance on AEW Dynamite

Cobra Kai and AEW Dynamite fans had a huge surprise last night when Mercedes Martinez and Thunder Rosa were promoting an upcoming match. Cobra Kai’s John Kreese, played by Martin Kove, showed up for Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D., who Martinez was working for. Martinez was under pressure from Baker after losing the first match.

The scenes unfolded last night as Baker hinted at having a great mentor. She then told Martinez that losing was not an option (in this dojo). Baker went on to say, “And then it’s undeniable. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. is officially the most powerful female in all of professional wrestling with the best squad and the best sensei.”

“Sensei” being the key word as John Kreese himself walks out and stood beside Baker. Unsure of her protégé, Baker asked what if Martinez loses to which Kreese responded, “You know what to do. Finish her. No mercy.”

John Kreese and AEW Dynamite: The Growing Popularity of Cobra Kai

Having Martin Kove’s John Kreese appear in AEW Dynamite seems like a natural extension of the ever-increasing popularity of Netflix’s Cobra Kai series. Since coming to the platform, the show has made waves in pop culture having people from all walks of life expressing their interest over the show. But the show is extending past the fandom medium as well. Just ahead of season 4’s release, Kove appeared on Dancing With The Stars as one of the competitors.

The show just dropped season four and news came out prior to the release that season 5 was already filmed as well. With the massive popularity of the show, which piggybacks off The Karate Kid franchise, it is hard to imagine the show stopping any time soon. With the return of Terry Silver, anything is bound to happen and with rumors of the return of Mike Barnes, things could get ugly, and very ugly at that, quick.


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